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Hotel Prasan Sandeepha

A quick lunch meet with one of my friends in Madipakkam and we decided to try Mannsuvaii, the recently-opened restaurant that serves Millet food. After I entered, I came to know that they serve millet food only in the evenings. The only option available was Thali Meals. I wasn’t very keen and we decided to go to Prasan Sandeepha instead.

I’ve been here a couple of times earlier and liked the food. I’ve had their tiffin items in the non-AC dining hall in the ground floor and once we visited the AC dining hall in the first floor too. I’ve written about it here. This time the outside temperature was 41 degrees Centigrade and there was no question of sitting in the non-AC hall. Went up to the AC dining hall in the first floor. We were the only two people when we entered and later on a couple of more tables were taken. Having lived here for a long time, this is very typical of Madipakkam, one of the challenges that restaurants face in this part of the city. There are no offices here and people essentially travel to the city for work. If at all there are families dining out, it is only during evenings or weekends. Otherwise, weekdays during lunch is normally very dull. The non-AC restaurants and slightly cheaper restaurants attract a different clientele altogether, and that keeps them going.
Looked at the menu and my friend ordered Sandeepha Special Meals and I ordered a Punjabi Thali. Both the meals had a soup and ice cream included. My friend said that the meals tasted good and he didn’t seem to have any complaint. Since I ate the Pubjabi Thali, I can only talk about that one. It came with 2 Tandoori Rotis, hot and soft. Paneer Butter Masala was tasty and the paneer was soft. The Dal tasted good, but I think it wasn’t cooked as much as it should have been. This could be due to the hard water here, a typical problem in and around Madipakkam. Gobi Manchurian was very tasty and the Aloo Subzi was good too. It came with a portion of Veg Dum Biryani and it was tasty too garnished with fried onions, it had a nice flavor. The Raita was good. Curd rice was like temple prasadam 🙂 It had a nice aroma from the tempered chillies and curry leaves. Gulab Jamun was just okayish. Probably the sugar syrup flavor wasn’t very appealing. However when a scoop of vanilla icecream came, I ate the Gulab Jamun along with it and it was yummy! Don’t know from where I picked up this taste, probably some wedding I think, I love this combination. I make sure to eat this in Barbecue Nation too after the overdose of starters.
So the lunch overall was very tasty and the service was very courteous. I enquired if the owner Mrs. Patricia Thomas was around, she wasn’t. So said a hello to her son Mr. Praveen who manages the show here! The Punjabi Thali costs Rs 160 and the Sandeepha Special Meals costs Rs 130. Together with the water bottle, the bill was Rs 315 and it added up exactly. Not sure why there was no mention of VAT, ST and so on. SC wasn’t there too and that is understandable. I would definitely recommend this place for good vegetarian food in Madipakkam.

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