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Bistro 100

I’ve been seeing this place for quite sometime now as its just a stone’s throw away from my place. Recently there has been a lot of interest among foodies on Facebook groups about this place, and I decided to check it out ! True to its name, Bistro 100 is more than just a cafe, the menu was elaborate and had a wide range of varieties to choose from.

The place opened very recently, just a couple of days back, and we were the only two people at that time. The place was nicely designed and have about ~50 covers. The entrance and the counter had a brick-finish, similar to what I remember from a few bistros abroad, comfortable cushioned seating and wide and spacious tables. The light was bright diffused sunlight, so I was happy clicking pics. Evenings probably have orange light, yet to see that!
We stepped into this place around noon, with an intention of having ‘something light’ and just a coffee! Looking at the menu, it was too tempting not to try other dishes. :p After a brief look at the menu, ordered Sausage Flowers from the starters, Chi-Che Sandwich which was basically Chicken and Cheese Sandwich, Old Fashion Pancake, Peanut Butter Nutella Shake for my wife and a Black Coffee for myself ! Wasn’t as little as we initially planned, but thought why not! 😉
Food was served in reasonable time. The Peanut Butter Nutella Shake came first, It was quite a decent portion and came in a jar. Took the first sip and it was yummmy, loved it totally! Sausage Flowers came next. A cute different way of presenting sausages. Cut into small pieces whose ends looked like flowers, and deep-fried, at the same time not too oily, came with a wonderful dip! We liked it. I must say, a very few places serve good sausages, and this is certainly one of them. Next to come was Chi-Che Sandwich. It came on a wooden tray, with a dip and fries. The fries were crisp and good, the bread was soft and the filling of cheese and chicken was wonderful! A very familiar flavor, perhaps rosemary and other herbs, it was tasty. Next to come was Old Fashion Pancakes with Maple Syrup, and topped with finely powdered sugar. Poured the maple syrup generously over the pancakes and it tasted wonderful. Took one bite of just the plain pancake and probably felt it could have been a bit sweeter, not too sure, as I already tasted a lot of syrup. The Black Coffee was very good and they had an imported coffee machine which brewed fresh coffee. The sandwich and the black coffee reminded me more than once of the different outlets in Oslo, Norway – Kaffe Brenneriet, Wayne’s Coffee, and a few more!
The bill was a little more than 800 bucks and was absolutely worth it ! As I was finishing my meal, had a brief word with Mr. Ajay who owns the place and their consulting chef Mr. Ahmed. Both were very passionate in explaining the various dishes on the menu, and their small twists to the normal dishes. They recommended the desserts and I assured them I’ll be back another time as I was pretty full by then.
Overall, it was a wonderful experience and a welcome addition to the already ‘happening’ Velachery! Since it is located on one of the broadest roads in Velachery, parking a few cars shouldn’t be a problem, and two-wheelers too. I’m going to visit again to check out their main course, burgers and steaks. A visit in the evening will probably bring out a totally different feel to the experience!
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