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Rajdhani Thali Restaurant, Velachery

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant in Phoenix Market City is one of the nice options if you want to have a mix of Rajasthani & Gujarati cuisines in Chennai.  They’ve been having this promotion of ‘Tuesday Thali’ for quite sometime now, and the Thali is priced at 250 Rupees on all Tuesdays. I am not sure if this applies in all outlets, but the one in Phoenix Market City has it. This, I would definitely call a steal.

I’ve been here quite a few times, on Tuesdays and on other days too. In general, I’ve had a nice experience. Today was no different!
As soon as we settled down, the plates were neatly laid out and the waiters began to take turns to fill every possible space in the Thali 🙂 I patiently waited for everything to be served so I could get a click of a fully-loaded plate.
I am not someone who has lived in North India and know each of these dishes by heart, so I am not even going into how authentic each one is. I have a liking to North-Indian food and eating at this place certainly felt good taste-wise, thats all mattered.
I’ll quickly mention what I liked in the same order I had them – Aloo patties were good, Dal Bati Churma with ghee was tasty, ghee soaked soft rotis/phulkas, Puri, Jowar Roti and Paratha were next. The subzis were tasty, liked the aloo the best, followed by paneer. Kadhis were tasty. Had a small serving of Khichdi (again with ghee), Pulao, and finished it with Curd Rice and pickle. Hot hot Malpuas for dessert, loved it too but the Rabdi was missing this time. All these were yummy, no complaints! We got a repeat of whatever we wanted, that was good.
Only the sweets in the Thali were not to my liking. Coconut Burfi, not a big fan of it, and a milk-based sweet with papaya! That was not impressive either. Earlier I’ve had Gulab Jamuns, Lauki Halwa, pineapple kesari, and semiya kheer here. Any of these would have made a better dessert than these two that were served.
There’s this guy with the drinks, and you can choose from 2-3 options – Lemon juice, Jaljeera drink, Mango lassi and so on. Got one Lemon Juice and a Jaljeera drink. This is not a part of the meal. I wanted to have some Chaas. It was not served with the meal, don’t remember it was a part of it earlier. When enquired, they gladly served that. Not all of them got it, it was only on request.
Finally, totally stuffed, we paid 1070 bucks. Nice to see one Thali was actually accounted as a Half Thali, as my daughter is just 8. As I mentioned earlier, on Tuesdays, this Thali priced at Rs 250 is a steal anyday!
One thing that I would like to see is the seating cushions to be replaced immediately.  It was an eyesore! The earlier they do it, the better it is !  It would be embarrassing to bring guests and ask them to be seated in a cushion like this.  I did click a snap of it just for you to see.
p.s Glad I got back my Samsung Galaxy S7 after repair, hopefully better pics than iPhone 6 🙂

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