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North-Indian Meals Takeaway from Sangeetha

Normally I am not so choosy that I complain for the smallest of things when it comes to food, but this meal, I felt I should let you know rather than let it off.

Got a North Indian Meals parcel from Sangeetha, Velachery. Let me tell you I am a reasonably regular visitor to Sangeetha and have never had any complaints. Recently I tried their South-Indian meals and their Diet Thali they were good. I have also reviewed it earlier on my blog. This particular meal was a disaster!
It came in a nice cardboard box, well packed. A small glass of lassi was given separately. I opened each one of them and set them up in a plate just for the picture. 2 pieces of Roti and a papad were separately packed in aluminium foil. All the small items like soup, sweet, raita, salad and fried vegetables were ok, nothing to complain. Now coming to the main part of the meal – 2 rotis, a portion of pulav/whatever-rice, 2 subzis and a dal tadka. Rotis wouldnt tear even after a reasonable effort. Hard, chewy and quite tired after eating them. The kofta subzi was decent, but the other one with peas was just ok. More puree, less flavor. Dal tadka was so bland that it reminded me of the ‘daily’ dal cooked along with the rice inside the cooker at home. The pulav or whatever had a overpowering smell of turmeric and was a let down. A normal jeera pulav, or even a basmati rice would have passed off, this one was not even close to being palatable. Even after my best try, I had to leave it after having less than half of it. The lassi was the saving grace, though a little in quantity.
The meal cost me Rs 225 and it was clearly a let down as I was left hungry even after this meal! Going by my past record, this could clearly be a one-off incident, but I am going to think twice when I need a food parcel the next time.

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