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Guntur Gongura, Sholinganallur

How can EVERYTHING go wrong in a meal?!?!? This beats me !
To sum up in a line, it would be ‘Average food coupled with bad service and even worse attitude‘ ! That’s my lunch experience at Guntur Gongura, Sholinganallur.

Myself and a friend decided to catch up for a meal, the original plan was to hit the newly opened Madurai Pandian Mess in Thuraipakkam. Our bad luck, it was closed on account of Maattu Pongal.
In the absence of what we originally came for, decided to check out some place that serves Andhra food. In the end it came down to either Kalpana Andhra Mess or Guntur Gongura. Somehow was not in a mood for normal meals, so decided to opt for this place.   I have been here earlier, many years ago, when it was just called Gongura.  Perhaps the management changed, now it is prefixed with ‘Guntur’. Since I had good memories of this place, decided to eat here!  A grave mistake indeed !
As we entered, the place was quite packed and we settled in one of the tables and placed our order.
I wanted to try something different, ordered a Ulavuchaaru Biryani and Rayalseema Chicken Fry while my friend opted for Non-Veg Meals. For those of you who don’t know what ulavuchaaru is, it is a typical rasam made from Horsegram (Kollu in Tamil). Don’t know when, but somehow it is added to the Biryani while being cooked, which results in a different flavor in the biryani. At least that’s what I was hoping for.
This part of my experience is called ‘disappointment‘ !
After 10-15 minutes of waiting, still nothing came to our table. I thought Meals and Biryani are normally the fastest to arrive, I was proved wrong.  Finally Rayalseema Chicken Fry arrived! First piece in the mouth, it was very salty, literally unpalatable. I called the waiter and mentioned this, he took it back to get it ‘repaired’. Another long wait, and Ulavuchaaru Biryani came. It looked different, and I started to eat, I wouldn’t necessarily complain about its taste, I felt it was okay. My friend still didn’t get his Non-Veg Meals. I almost finished half of my briyani, then the ‘repaired’ Rayalseema Chicken Fry arrived, only to taste exactly like how it was before. Absolutely no clue what the chef did with it. I complained again, and this time it was taken for a second ‘evaluation’ to the person at the counter (maybe the owner), he ate a small piece of it and agreed to send it back. We cancelled that dish. Still the non-veg meals didn’t come. I went to the cash counter and inquired, they apologized saying rice was over, hence the delay. Finally my friend got the meals and started to eat. In between his meals, he asked for some fish gravy (Meen Kozhambu) and was waiting forever for that. I had to remind the waiter 2-3 times after which it was brought. Just for the sake of having some side dish, ordered 2 Double Omelettes hoping they would come soon, but they didn’t ! Finally when the Omelettes came to our table, it really pissed me off ! How on earth can an Omelette be COLD?!?!?!? It wasn’t even barely warm! By this time, the interaction with the waiter wasn’t very pleasant. Decided to leave most of the Omelette! I gave him a piece of my mind and asked for the bill. Gave that chilled omelette at the cash counter and expressed my displeasure and walked out !
430 bucks for this sub-standard pathetic meal, absolutely not worth it ! I would NEVER think of going back to this place nor recommend it.
Some days are just not meant to be and this was one such day! :/

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