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The Pizzaaz

The Pizzaaz, which used to be a delivery and take-away place for thin-crust wood-fired pizzas recently opened a dine-in restaurant in the same place. It is located off R.K. Salai, on a street adjacent to AVM Rajeswari Kalyana Mandapam. The board is quite prominent and easy to spot.

After finishing some work at Mylapore, we decided to have dinner and stepped into Novelty Tea House on R.K Salai around 6:45PM. The waiter informed us that the place opens by 7:00PM and at least from his tone, he did not sound very welcoming, probably because we were there earlier than when we should be ! Decided to proceed elsewhere and this visit to The Pizzaaz happened.
We entered the place to find a bungalow renovated into a restaurant and it was quite spacious. Since they had tables spread out in different rooms, you could opt for an exclusive room if you are a big group. The ambience was decent and the place was clean. Somehow it gave an impression that it is yet to pick up business-wise because on a Saturday evening around 7:15PM, we were the only ones in the restaurant for more than an hour. Meanwhile someone else stepped in and another table was taken. That’s it !
Now the food! 🙂 Everything we had was very tasty, but I should mention that the portions for starters were too little. We ordered Cheesy Garlic Bread, Mix Veg and Spinach and Mushroom Roulade for starters and a Pinacolada, Lemon Iced Tea and Mojito to drink. The starters were served in less then 10-15 minutes, piping hot. As I mentioned, the quantity was little, six pieces in each starter. So in spite of ordering three starters for a family of 2 adults and 2 children, it wasn’t quite enough. Anyway we decided to make it up with the main course. The Mix Veg was a bit of a surprise because that was pretty much similar to Cheese Garlic bread in appearance, basically, some stuff on small pieces of bread with cheese on it. It was damn tasty though! The drinks were good, no complaints with any of them.
We ordered a Large pizza called Italia which had Pesto sauce, Mozarella, Spinach, Blue cheese and sun-dried Tomato, A medium-sized Veg Calzone Pizza, and a Veg Lasagna. We decided to go vegetarian for this meal. Since the starters disappeared in no time and it took at least 20 minutes for the main course to arrive, kids got a bit restless. It is not a complaint, the pizza takes time inside the oven and we ordered 2 pizzas, so that delay is understandable. All the three dishes were tasty! The Large pizza was not as large as we thought. Since it was a thin crust pizza, it wasn’t very difficult to finish. The veg calzone pizza was basically a folded pizza. It was very tasty too. The veg lasagna was good, but I felt the carrot was a tad too raw and crunchy, otherwise very tasty.
They only had two desserts on the menu – a Brownie and a Choc. Mousse. Kids wanted ice cream, so we decided to have it at Freez Zone on the way back home.
So taste-wise the food was brilliant, portions-wise not very generous. I got a hand-written bill receipt without the name of the restaurant on it, no mention of ST, VAT, or SC, however there was a separate charge included below the Total which I presume is one of these. They accepted a card payment, so probably could be some issues with the printer or whatever. The dinner set us back by close to 1.8K. Overall, a nice experience.

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