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Freez Zone

Freez Zone on TTK Road has been a landmark for many years now.  I like the ice creams here.  Quite nominally priced compared to the exorbitantly priced recently opened International chains.  I am not a very choosy icecream-crazy fan.  So anything from Haagen Dasz to Arun Ice cream works for me 😀

I’ve been here many times and I love the Kulfi here.  Softy is good and some flavors with a lot of nuts are good too.  This time it was no different.  Myself and my son got a softy each, dipped in Chololate sauce that froze instantly to create the ‘hard’ cover.  Daughter wanted a Kesar Pista Kulfi, wife ordered a Mocha flavored ice cream with roasted almonds.  All the ice creams tasted yummy and it cost us less than 500 bucks in all.
Recently they seem to have introduced snacks and short-eats too, however we did not try that.  Kids wanted ice cream after the dinner at The Pizzaaz and they were more than happy ! 🙂

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