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King’s Vadapav

Chetpet, Kilpauk, Purasawalkam are areas that I rarely visit and I can get completely lost there! Egmore is a shade better.

After finishing some personal work on Spurtank Road, was feeling damn hungry and remembered Mehta’s Vada Pav somewhere in that area. No clue on the Geography, searched on Zomato and Google Maps said it wasn’t very far. Followed it and reached the place only to find it closed  🙁
Not knowing what to do, just went a bit further and spotted King’s Vadapav ! Of course I have heard that name before and immediately dived into the shop.
One Onion Kachori, One Vada Pav, One plate of Pani Poori and a Rosemilk! 😀
Wonderful, nominally priced around 20 – 30 rupees each!

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