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Blacksmith Grills

A wonderful evening with great food and great company! One of my friends wanted to host a dinner party to a bunch of our friends and we were sort of going back and forth on where to go. Being a food blogger, restaurant/food reviewer or whatever they thought I was, I was asked to suggest a nice place. Nice ambience with good food was needed, and budget was not a big constraint. At the same time did not want to splurge in five-star hotels. Back of my mind, wanted to go to a place where I’ve not been before so I could write something about it Β πŸ˜‰

Immediately thought of Blacksmith Grills on North Boag Road. One of my friend owns this place. He mentioned this to me long ago but I’ve never been there so far. So called him up and told him about our plan and he was more than happy to accommodate us. In fact, during our dinner, he was there with us for sometime.
This is how the arrangement was done – We did not order items from the menu and just told the chef our eating preferences. Two of them were vegetarian, I was the one with chicken-only preference, and rest of them were okay with chicken and sea-food. None of them wanted beef. The chef agreed to send out dishes accordingly and surprise us πŸ™‚ Sounded excellent!
Meanwhile we were served mocktails – I had one with cranberry and it tasted very good. It was served in what looked almost like a jug that lasted for the entire meal. A few others had lemon-based mocktails with Goli-Soda πŸ™‚ Yeah, it was called Rocket Soda. One of them had Virgin Pina Colada. They all seemed to like it.
Starters started to come one by one. Initially I was hesitant to click pictures and let a couple of items go through, then slowly started to get back to the groove πŸ˜› Started to click and slowly, the waiters got so accustomed to it that they let me know the moment something new was served πŸ˜‰
I couldn’t taste all that was served, because of how we were spread across and also because of my preference of meat. So I’ll just describe what I tasted in the same order as things were served. We were about 13 of us spread across two tables. So I’m writing about what I could see on my table. The other table should have got pretty much the same items. I’m not too sure of the exact numbers though.
Nachos with Salsa and sour cream was tasty and good, a bit oily than how I would have liked it.
Cheesy French Fries was good.
Bruschetta with tomatoes, mushroom was awesome.
Grilled Fish was served with peas, corn, potato mash and a dip and it disappeared in no time.
Then came the Grilled Chicken. It was saucy and good and I could get only a small piece and let the plate go around the table. It was served with fries and corn cob.
Two thin-crust pizzas – Chicken and Margherita came together and I managed to get a piece from both and it was very tasty. We still had no clue of what was going to come and this was interesting. πŸ˜€
Then came sizzlers – again, Chicken and seafood (I think it was prawns). Ate a little from the chicken sizzler and couldn’t make out much as I managed some vegetables and very little piece of chicken.
Then it was the Burgers πŸ™‚ A burger with a huge patty came and we were told it was a veg burger. I let it pass and waited for chicken to come. I was sort of feeling heavy at this point. The chicken burger was tasty and the fries along with it were crisp and just right ! The salad helped to neutralize the overdose of chicken now and then.
Pasta was the next to come – Pasta in red sauce and Mac’n’Cheese Chicken. I just tasted a couple of pieces of chicken and skipped the rest.
One more chicken pizza was sent along with tender chicken slices. We had to immediately let them know that we were stuffed and finished with the main course.
So we were now ready for another round of surprise – Desserts !!
The first to arrive was a treat to watch. It tasted as good as it looked πŸ™‚ A chocolate Brownie topped with Chocolate icecream and lots of cream, chocolate sauce and caramelized cashew nuts on the top.
Next came Pavlova and I don’t know how it is supposed to taste, but this I felt was brilliant ! One of the very delicately made desserts I’ve eaten I think. It was yummy!
Grilled Pineapple with icecream was just okayish. It wasn’t very easy to cut the pineapple with the spoon.
Cheese Cake was yummy! Thank God we had company to share. At this point I was like Noooooo πŸ˜‰
Chocolate cake came next which looked sinful to even see!
We told them that’s it! Since the chef was already half-way with the next one, we got an apple pie with icecream as the last one. Normally I’ve seen apple pies with kinda mashed apple, here I could see small pieces neatly stacked up and tasted good with icecream. I just barely managed to taste it. A couple of friends were still going strong! πŸ˜€
With this we wound up a lovely dinner and amazing time with friends. This dinner was on my friend, and there was a reasonable waiver from my other friend who owns the place. I am not aware of how much he paid and didn’t bother to ask. We are too close for such formalities πŸ˜‰
I am not sure about the price points, so that’s for you to analyse and then decide if you would like to check this out. This review is primarily to post about a wonderful experience we had at Blacksmith Grills. I loved the place, the food and everything about this evening. The place could have been a little more brightly lit, otherwise it was really nice.
Overall, a memorable evening! πŸ™‚

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