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Sitcom, Neelangarai

Another long-pending place ticked off my list – SITCOM, Neelangarai!

Decided to take the family out for dinner on Christmas. A quick check on preferences, son wanted a burger, daughter wanted a hotdog, wifey wanted something Thai/pan-asian! Immediately decided to go to Sitcom as I remembered they had all of it, under one roof.
The place was very vibrant, and was almost packed at around 21-ish. We got seated in less than 5 minutes. We got complimentary bread with flavored butter, finished it in no time 😉
In about 5 minutes, we were ready to order! As our bad luck would have it, many items on the menu were not available.
Daughter was quite upset about hotdog not being available. Next surprise, no pan-asian stuff available as the Chef wasn’t well! So had to settle with whatever was available. At least, the ‘Mother Trucker’ burger was available and we deicded to try that, definitely not for the 12-minute challenge though!
Our order – Wings-BBQ, Battered Onion Rings, Mother Trucker Burger-Chicken, Stuffed Chicken with Mozarella.
Everything that we ate was tasty and good, absolutely no complaints with the food.
– Chicken wings was tasty, nice flavor of the barbeque sauce.
– Onion Rings were crispy and tasted yumm with the dip, sourcream I think.
– The burger was indeed a monster! Perhaps the biggest I’ve had. A lot of fries accompanied it. Good thing, myself and my son decided to share it. I did see some guy attempting the 12 minute challenge and felt sorry watching him. Well, imho, relishing it bite by bite was worth more than hogging it under 12 minutes and getting it for free :/
Obviously the chicken sausage was missing in the burger as they said they were out of stock/sold out. Not that it mattered much, but back of my mind, it felt incomplete! Wondered how could they run out of something so basic.
– Stuffed Chicken with Mozarella was plated very nicely and we enjoyed the dish. The cheesy, buttery chicken with grilled veggies and potato mash was very tasty!
Quite stuffed, we decided to skip desserts and just finish with a couple of beverages, a black coffee for myself and a Raspbery Lemonade for my son. Again, they were out of raspberry syrup :/ son settled for Lemon Iced Tea.
Black Coffee was good, my son remarked that the Iced Tea was a bit too sweet, but was quite ok with it.
Service was quite good, nothing worth complaining, though the Iced Lemon Tea took a while to come. Since we weren’t in a hurry and the coffee was too hot to sip, we were okay with the waiting.
Paid a little less than 2K, and it was well worth it. Overall, nice place and tasty food. Wish they’d address the non-availability issues which was definitely a dampener!

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