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The Flying Elephant, Park Hyatt

After some time in MBessy, myself and a friend headed to The Flying Elephant, Park Hyatt to wind up with a couple of beers and some side-eats!

We reached there around 10:45PM and we were told there’s going to be a Club night at 11PM and we have to be seated in the first floor. When we told them we were there just for a couple of beers and side eats, and not food, we were allowed to sit in the ground floor, beside the bar counter.
Our Order – A few beers, Chilli Paneer and Chicken Satay.
A general feeling I have is that the waiters here are a bit too casual, I mean not disrespectful, but a bit less serious about what they do.
The first dish that came definitely did not look like Chilli Paneer. When I checked with him, he said it was Chilli Chicken! :/ a mix-up in order. Of course he went back to change it. We lost about 15-20 minutes and had to manage until then without a side-eat and only the salty peanuts on the table.
I should have remembered that the last time I ordered chicken satay, I did mention it was too little, and this time it was no different either. They should seriously look at their portion size. 3 miniature skewers is too little. However, the taste was awesome and along with the raw onion and peanut sauce, the smoky satay tasted wonderful!
Chilli Paneer was soft and tasted good too with the crunchy bell peppers. No complaints with either of these dishes!
They have happy hours from 11PM, not sure for how long. So it was 50% off on beer I think, that was a steal. Both the side-eats were priced between 300-400 rupees, plus taxes. Not sure of the final bill amount, my friend paid. We left around quarter past 12.
While we were there, a customer was angry about something and was yelling at one of the waiters. It was something to do with loud music I suppose, and the manager was trying his best to pacify him. Wasn’t a very pleasant sight in a place like that!
If it wasn’t for the proximity, I would have certainly headed to Anise, Taj Coromandel and that is one of my favorite places.

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