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Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai

Heard so many good things about ‘Border Kadai’, unfortunately never been there ! This is actually a parotta shop located on the border of Tenkasi and Courtallam, very famous for its Parotta, Country Chicken and Biryani. At least in known circles, I’ve never heard of anyone visiting Courtallam and not eating at this place, ever! Such is the reputation of this place. When you hear from foodies that the same place has opened a branch in Chennai, obviously the first reaction was WOW! Immediately decided to try this as soon as possible.

The place is located bang on G N Chetty Road, opposite to Murugan Idli Kadai and Virudhunagar. So it is easy to find and has a parking for few cars. The place is still not done up completely. From what I could make out, it is spread over two floors. Ground Floor had Fans running, so possibly non-AC downstairs and AC upstairs. I did not go and see the dining hall in the first floor. They are still settling down, since thy opened very recently.
The ambience was just basic, sturdy wooden chairs and tables. Food was served on plantain leaves. Lucky we didn’t have to wait for too long to get a table. Managed to get one in about 10 minutes for a Sunday Lunch.
We were three adults and two children. Started by asking for the most obvious – Parotta 2 pcs each! 🙂 The waiter told us Parotta would be small in size and it may not be sufficient. We decided to eat and then order more as and when needed. Naattu Kothu Kozhi Fry was chicken Leg piece, Naattukozhi Porichathu was pichchi poatta country chicken with lots of pepper, Chicken Kothu Parotta, Chicken Biryani and Egg Omelette. First of all, loved the food. Enjoyed everything though it was a bit of an overdose of chicken. Special mention about Chicken Kothu Parotta, very different as to what you get in Chennai, probably they don’t pour so much salna into it while making it, tasted very yummy. I would rate pichci poatta naattu kozhi fry much better than the leg piece, as it had more of pepper and flavor. Chicken leg piece was good too, but lacked that punch. In a way, found the chicken dishes too close to each other in taste. Next time should order something very different. Noticed that the Chicken Biryani did not have an egg in it. It was a bit spicy, but good.  The brinjal gravy that was served along with the Biryani was awesome!  We asked for more and more parotta as they disappeared in no time. The salna was very tasty. Finished the lunch pretty satisfied.
During the entire time we were there, there was smoke coming into the restaurant from the kitchen, and the fans only made it worse. In fact, for sometime we were all teary, people must have thought Aanandha kanneer after eating the Border Parotta 😉 Jokes apart, some things need to be fixed and probably this is one of them. Not complaining at all, just a mention!
Overall, the lunch set us back by 1.4K and I would say it was absolutely worth it ! More visits certainly to this place in the coming days !

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