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New Pattukottai Kamatchi Mess, Velachery

This is perhaps my second or third visit here, and a pretty good lunch I would say.  A quick unplanned lunch with wifey. 
We went in quite late, around 14:50 hrs and it was quite busy at that time.  We quickly ordered one Prawn Sukka Meals, a plain biryani and a Chicken Theregal.

Wifey loved the meals, and the gravies that were served with it.  Could only click a pic of the Prawns Sukka which was a part of the meals.

Biryani was made of seeragasamba rice, it was barely warm, it was served at room temperature, otherwise tasted good.  I did mention it to them and they were apologetic about it.

Chicken Theregal was tasty, and the chicken pieces were soft and well-cooked with a nice flavor of masala getting into them.

Special mention to the chicken gravy served with the meals, I got some for the Biryani too.  Loved the smokey flavor in it. Very tasty !

Karandi Omelette was okayish, since it was made and served from a casserole, it was soggy. Would have been great if it was hot.

One Biryani wasn’t enough for me, I was thinking if I should order another one or have some white rice with rasam.  They seemed to have some rule that ‘extra’ white rice was given only for chicken/mutton biryanis and not plain biryani.  Fair enough, its the difference in pricing between them.  I asked if I could get a portion of rice for which I could pay, they didn’t have that option, but that lady offered to serve me white rice.  I ordered another plain biryani instead.
Vegetarians, watch out ! Plain biryani is not veg, it is meant to be Kuska from the non-veg biryani.  This time, I got a couple of mutton pieces too.  I had to parcel more than half of it. 
Finally ended it with a Panneer soda, it was good.

We paid 832 bucks, its not cheap for a casual lunch for two, but if you’d like to give a go at all the gravies and plan on an elaborate meal, then its definitely worth it.  If you’re a poor eater, then meals is not vfm here, you’re better off with a biryani.

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