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Mami Tiffen Stall, Mylapore

I have heard so much about Mami Tiffen Stall in Mylapore, but never had a chance to try this place until today. A foodie friend and I decided to check this place out and headed to Mylapore. I knew it was roughly near Kalathi Paper Mart, so it was easy to locate. Pleasantly surprised to see the AC dining section which was opened about a month ago.

It was almost empty at around 9AM except for one other person. The AC was awesome, really chill inside, loved it. The place was brightly lit and neat. The table meant for two seemd like too small for comfort, decided to take the four-seater table instead.
Ordered a plate of Idly Vadai for my friend and a Ghee Rava Dosa for myself. Idly Vadai came quite soon, the vadai was superb, crispy on the outside and soft inside, the two chutneys tasted very good. I wasn’t too impressed with the sambhar, tasted good but the feel of ‘hotel sambhar’ was missing, like typically the feeling you get with Sangeetha’s sambhar. It was more like a home-made one. Idly was not hot, just warm, but extremely soft and spongy, my friend loved it. Ghee Rava Dosa was yummy, the aroma of ghee was evident the moment he placed it on the table. The sides were crispy, just like how I liked it, nothing to complain at all.
Next, we ordered a Ghee Dosai for my friend and Pongal and vadacurry for myself. Of course we shared everything, so we could taste a bit of everything. Pongal came with generous amounts of ghee on the top. First look, the quantity was huge as compared to most other places that hardly serve a cup of it. It tasted good, I wouldn’t say awesome. Could have had a bit more of the flavor of jeera and pepper, was bland to some extent. Vadacurry was visually not very appealing, and tasted decent. This is one of the most ‘masalafied’ items in a standard veg breakfast place. Unfortunately, this seemed like a very subdued and health-conscious vadacurry. It was decent, I wouldn’t be keen to try again though. Ghee Roast was a clear winner, looked like it was a bit small initially, because it was folded quite deceptively. As you ate it, it was never ending. Again, a generous dose of ghee, tasted just awesome. Throughout the time we were there, the service was courteous, checking every now and then if we wanted chutney and sambhar, which is very unlikely in most other places. Ended the breakfast with a Filter Coffee each, and it was good.
To those who would like to finish a quick breakfast and head to work, the AC dining would be a boon as compared to the not-so-comfortable stand-and-eat dining earlier. The menu prices are slightly higher in the AC section as compared to the self service outside. We paid 305 bucks in all, for a very nice breakfast.
Based on my experience, I would rate this place anyday better than Karpagambal Mess, which is not very far away from here !

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