Chennai Food Truck and Music Festival

Chennai Food Truck and Music Festival, the name sounded quite catchy in a place where the concept of food trucks is still to catch up big time! Many years ago, there used to be a lot of them, but gradually they faded away. In the recent past, at least close to ten brands have set up their trucks in various parts of the city. All of them in a single place is something one would look forward to. Food Trucks, Food stalls, and Music, what better way to spend some time on the weekend!

Firstly, here’s a link to the actual event –
It is in the same facility as the VGP Universal Kingdom, and you have to take the gate to the Snow Kingdom to enter. Bike Parking charges apply and it was thirty Rupees.
The event is on 07th and 08th July (Saturday and Sunday), from 12PM to 10:30PM (both days), they had some delay in starting and they opened the gates to public about an hour late, at 13:00 Hrs. Registration is free, and there is a counter where the registration formality has to be completed before entering.  Show the QR code and get a stamp on your forearm and then enter.
There were food trucks,  few rows of food stalls, Stage and Music on one end and the sponsors on the other end. The place looked good, with crowd steadily pouring in, it seemed quite happening!
I took a quick glance around and decided to try a few stalls.
First was the Mystery More from The Tickle Truck, typical Masala Mor with Boondhi and frozen into an icecream. The sprinkle of the salt and chilli powder on the top was the highlight, loved it for the first couple of minutes, and then it felt okayish. Paid 30 bucks.
A plate of Paani Puri from Hot N Spice was next, tasted good the water had a nice punch, 40 bucks!
Just to beat the heat, moved to the Sugarcane juice on the other side, tasted okayish without any trace of ginger or lemon. Being served cold was the only consolation, 30 bucks.
After some more looking around, The Waffle Place was crowded and welcoming! Didn’t want to stuff myself too much, ordered Nutella Mini Pancakes, and this was the best of all I ate. 5 pcs of yumminess topped with nutella and chocolate! 80 bucks.
Wanted to finish lunch, so ordered a Chicken Biryani from Hakico, and convinced that guy to give me kuska without the piece, he obliged. The Kuska was decent, certainly not in the same league of the ‘best’ ones. Paid 90 bucks for this.
Finally Mad Mojito Bar from The Tickle Truck, and this was okayish with a dominating flavor of lemon syrup. Felt sort of very artificial, some squash types, 30 bucks.
Now coming to what was quite inconvenient – the payment mode was quite a mess. The guys had a Token system which was partially applicable, but not to all stalls. A few stores accepted cash, a few had their own tokens, and quite a few of them used PayTM too. Those who accepted tokens did not have change to give back, so you needed ‘exact’ token for the price of the dish, quite a challenge it was! When its too crowded, perhaps it could be worse. Hope it settles down with time, as people get used to it.
Haven’t witnessed any live performance of music as yet, but since there’s a stage put up, probably it would start in the evening.  With Music, and more crowd and a pleasant evening weather, it could be much better than how it was at 2PM in the afternoon.
Basically, its a nice collection of food joints at one single place with a carnival kinda atmosphere, and its definitely worth checking out during the weekend. If food is the only thing you’re looking at, perhaps you’ll not be wowed by whats available here, but if you are looking at the overall experience, you will not be let down.

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