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The first time I spotted OMR Food Street on MGR Salai, Kandanchavadi  was when I dined at Spices Kerala restaurant. I made up my mind to try other outlets at the first possible opportunity and managed to tick it off my list, along with a friend of mine.
As soon as we entered, we took a walk around the place just to scan what all was available. Soon after, we had decided what we were going to try!

The Arab Station – This looked like the most happening corner, lot of them waiting for their Shawarma Rolls. After a quick glance at the menu, ordered a Peri Peri Shawarma. We were told that it was a spicier version, as compared to the rest. We were okay with that! Managed to click a few pictures while it was made. I loved the generous dose of chilli powder he sprinked on the mayo-coated kuboos. A few french fries also went into the roll. Like most places, cabbage, tomato all of them were added for volume, would have been awesome without these. However, I liked the roll, the flavor of chilli powder was wonderful. It was perhaps paprika, a milder version of chilli powder, it didn’t seem to be as lethal as it looked. My friend wasn’t too impressed. 🙂 Paid 210 bucks, 100 each, plus GST.

Hungry Folks Simply Kebab – Right next to it, there were quite a number of skewers being grilled. Quite curious, took a look at the menu and was pleasantly surprised because it was an ‘all-chicken’ menu with a few veg options. The guy at the counter suggested we take the platter – 8Pcs of chicken in four different flavors. We opted for Surthi, Kashmiri, Garlic and Hyderabadi Chicken Tikka. Immediately they were put on a skewer and placed on the grill. It took a good 10+ minutes and we patiently waited. What impressed me was the place where the marinated chicken was kept. Neatly covered with plastic foil, you could see what each one was, before selecting. After we got it, out of the four flavors, two were quite salty – I think the Kashmiri and the garlic. The other two – Surthi and Hyderabadi tasted good. If they got the salt right, it would have been awesome. Paid 190 bucks for the platter.

Dossai – Right next to it was the dosa shop. Looking at it, I had set the expectation that it was going to be like the many dosa shops in the city that dish out variety of dosas. I was expecting it more like cut into pieces, plated like short pillars, etc, typically how Dosa 99, Do-asai 2.0, Tosai etc serve. What we got looked more like a regular folded one with chutney and sambhar. This wasn’t what I had in mind. It tasted okayish, but neither the color nor the texture was impressive. Paid 100 bucks for the Special Dosa.

Mockha – Decided to try the Khakra sandwich from here, and the guy made everything from the scratch, except the khakra of course 🙂 Clicked a pic while he made it. It tasted decent, could have been a bit more spicy. In my opinion, the Khakra Sandwich next to Olympia Tech Park in Ekkaduthangal would beat this hands down any day. Paid 60 bucks for the Khakra Sandwich.

Ultra Fruit Cane Corner – Finally, decided to end the evening with a Sugarcane juice. I loved watching the sugarcane machine. It was so compact as compared to the regular ones we see on the road. With ginger and lemon added, it tasted awesome. We had 2 glasses each, and 35 bucks for a glass. We paid 140 bucks in all. With that we ended the mini food walk !

Quite similar to a few other locations of OMR Food Street I’ve been to, not all the eateries are impressive. There are a few which make an impression, and the rest of them barely interest you. However, in a location like Kandanchavadi, with two major IT Parks nearby, the  guys at least have a few options to choose from, apart from their cafeteria!

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