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Spices Kerala Restaurant, Perungudi

In spite of being active in food circles and closely watching newly opening restaurants, sometimes you miss something so obvious! That was exactly my feeling when I saw OMR Food Street coming up on M.G.R Salai, just opposite to RMZ Millennia Park. Absolutely had no clue of this until today.

I had to meet a friend for lunch, and I was stuck with something else. It was quite evident that I was going to be delayed, so did not want to ruin his lunch, asked him to carry on. By the time I reached Kandanchavadi, it was just over 3PM, so I had to eat alone. A quick glance at Zomato, I spotted a Kerala Restaurant very close by. I only knew Kottaram in that road. Since this was a new place, decided to give it a shot. This restaurant is not visible from the road, you have to enter the OMR Food Street to see it.
Even before I looked at the menu, decided to eat Biryani, the typical Kerala styled one. Asked them if they had the Thalassery Chicken Biryani, and they replied in the affirmative. Immediately ordered that. Also asked them to recommend a Chicken dry dish and the person who waited suggested Chicken Pepper Fry.
I was asked if I wanted regular water or jeeraka vellam, I went with the latter! Why not be a Roman in Rome 😉
In about 10 minutes, the biryani appeared ! Looked quite good, a pappadom on the top, the rice was not Basmati, couldn’t quite say exactly if it was Seeragasamba or Jeerakasala. The masala and Chicken piece seemed to be safely tucked inside. I felt the masala had a slightly dominating red color, not sure why!
Started to eat, noticed a boiled egg and a nice Chicken Leg piece in the Biryani. Biryani tasted good, Don’t vividly remember how an authentic Thalassery Biryani should taste, as I may have had it a very few times, but I can definitely say this tasted good. More importantly, the Chicken in the biryani was soft and tasted good. I do not like bland chicken in our biryanis, but this one was a lot easier to eat with the masala all around it.
Chicken Pepper Fry definitely seemed like too much for a single person, considering there was chicken in the Biryani too. The dish tasted yummy, but a few pieces were a bit too big, so the masala didn’t quite get into it. I asked them to pack half of it.
Meanwhile the waiter was kind enough to mention that the kitchen would close and if I wanted anything else, I should order. Ordered a Prawns semi-gravy and the same Chicken Pepper Fry as takeaway, for family. I also ordered a Kulukki Sarbath for myself.
The sarbath was nice, with a slit green chilli floating in it. It added a nice punch to the drink.
Just to mention, the plate was perhaps smaller than usual in size, felt a bit uncomfortable to eat from.
After reaching home, noticed that oil from the parcel had spilled all over in the plastic cover, not a pleasant experience wiping off the oil and the feedback from family was that the dishes were ok, not wow!
Service was quite good, no complaints there! I’ll definitely go back to try Parottas and Chicken dishes. Paid 851 bucks in all, including the parcel.

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