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OMR Food Street

OMR Food Street – This was a place I’ve been waiting to visit, just to see what all was available under one roof! Liked the concept, its a drive through with fairly decent parking for cars on either sides. Myself and a friend were primarily there to meet someone and so decided to eat there too!

These were some of the names which were doing brisk business – Burma Square, Ajnabi Chats, Dosa Street, Mex i Khana, Fish o Fish and Kumbakonam Filter Coffee stall ! There were a few stalls that were yet to open. Biryani point, Parotta stall and so on..Table 9 was a restaurant with a fairly nice seating, noone inside though. There was ring2bring, probably a home delivery option. There was also a supermarket, a fruits and vegetable and meat store.
For fish lovers it might be ok, but I found the smell from Fish O Fish a bit too strong to my liking and had to stay reasonably away from that place. We decided to try a couple of places far away from that. 🙂
First tried a Fried Egg Atho (Seijo) and Egg Masala at Burma Square. Liked both, but wasn’t as good as the one in Parry’s, was pretty decent though. Was priced 70 and 15 which was reasonable.
Tried Pani Poori, Bhel Puri, Bread Cheese Pakora and Rosemilk at Ajnabi Chats. All the items were good. Would have liked the Bhelpuri a bit dry and crispy, turned out to be too soggy though the taste was good! Pani Poori was very good, the puris were a bit different and very crispy and water was tangy and along with onion pieces, it was wonderful. Bread Cheese Pakoda was good, but just two small pieces. Rosemilk was okay, nothing worth raving about. Overall was about 165 bucks for all which was vfm.
When all the places get going in full swing, it would certainly be a nice option to visit this place. Already people in and around OMR, especially the outstation IT guys and girls living nearby seemed to be regulars here ! I would try again in a few months to check other new outlets here !

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