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Hard Rock Cafe

It is not even a week since Hard Rock Cafe opened in Chennai, and already people are raving about it on social networking sites.  So I wanted to check out this place.  It is located in Phoenix Market City in Velachery.  The restaurant/cafe is actually on the second floor, but the Hard Rock Shop is on the first floor.  Overall, the place looked very neatly done.  We were welcomed with a very pleasant smile and the waiter politely introduced himself.

I went along with my 8-year old son. 🙂  Yeah !  I knew it earlier that this place doesn’t serve beer/liquor :O !!! Well, at least as of now, that’s the position.  Looks like they are doing something about license and stuff, so hopefully at least we’ll get beer in the future. *fingers crossed*

We went around evening and just wanted some short-eats and something to drink.  We looked at the pictures on the menu card and ordered the drink that looked most fancy of all in a nice shapely glass, for my son.  I ordered a Mojito (without the bacardi, of course).  The waiter suggested a pita bread with hummus served with Moroccan cottage cheese and spinach and I ordered a Tuple Chicken Strips, or something that sounded like it.  Since we were just two, we ordered half portions.  I should say the portions were generous.  The food was very tasty and we loved all that we ordered.

A slightly expensive place, well-worth the food, ambience and the ‘international’ tag.  I saw at least a couple of non-Indian families enjoying their meal and a few others enquiring with the information desk in the shopping mall, where this restaurant was located.  For the music lovers, there’s no better place than this.

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