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This is my third or fourth time at Petuk, and like always, it was a very pleasant dining experience. I have written about my first visit here.
Myself and a friend decided to eat dinner together and we zeroed in on Bengali food, and in this part of Chennai, clearly Petuk rules this space. So we didn’t bother checking anywhere else. In fact, the spark started off when I heard that Petuk now has a small stand & eat outlet called Petuk Express, recently opened on M.G.R. Salai. We decided to eat an Egg Chicken Roll, but then the plan changed and we decided to have an elaborate dinner instead.

First item to spot on the menu was Chicken Kabiraji. πŸ˜€ This one wasn’t available during my last visits, so immediately decided to tick it off. Chicken Mughalai Paratha was catchy too, ordered one of that. Friend wanted to taste a few dishes, so he ordered 3 Phulkas, Mango Dal, Chicken Kasha, Pathuri and Egg Devil for starters. We were ready for a bit of gluttony today πŸ˜‰
First Chicken Mughalai Paratha and Chicken Kabiraji made a grand entrance. Surprised at the quantity, in fact these were for me. Couldn’t help but appreciate the fine skill in making Chicken Kabiraji. The moment, you cut it with a knife, you realize how delicate it is. It is in fact a wrapper made of egg (white probably) around boneless chicken piece. Yummy! Weight-watchers, please stay away, it is deep fried and oily. Mughalai Paratha was good, but again a bit mmore like the texture of Poori or Luchi than Paratha, a bit oily too. Egg Devil was wonderful, exactly how it was last time, liked that. Mango Dal was watery, probably good with rice, was a kinda mismatch with Phulka. Chicken Kasha was good, love the potatoes in it. I normally keep it a bit slant to let the oil drain to one side so I feel less guilty. The chicken along with the gravy tasted wonderful. My friend liked the Pathuri and I ordered two more to be packed to take it home.
We were there for about an hour, and when we were leaving, had a brief chat with Anirban Dey, owner of Petuk. It was nice to meet him in person after a few interactions here and there on Facebook. We paid about 840 bucks for all that we ate, and it was absolutely worth it. I would certainly recommend this place for wonderful Bengali food. The place is pretty basic, so please go there for food, not ambience.

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