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There is a reason why people say abstinence is the only fool-proof way of losing weight. ‘Moderation’ is a myth as far as my eating out is concerned. You realize that when all meetings end with a lunch or dinner. It was one such day myself and a friend decided to have dinner after meeting another friend on Chamiers Road. Not knowing where to go, took a left into the TTK Road, and immediately spotted this place. Looked no further, decided to eat here !

The place is located on St. Mary’s Road and easy to spot, quite a small place spread over two floors, but neat and welcoming. The interiors were nice, and it was well-lit and bright enough.
We got the menu and quickly decided on what to eat. A soup, a salad, a starter and a main course followed by a dessert is what we picked, but decided to share everything between the two of us so it is not taxing in terms of quantity. At the same time, we wanted to taste a variety of dishes to be able to arrive at some sort of conclusion about the food 🙂
Firstly, I should say, I’ll remember the meal for the variety of flavors we experienced, each one, distinctly different. Not that I liked all of them, but very different 🙂
Tom Yum – Thai spicy soup flavored with lemongrass, galangal and lime juice with vegetables and mushroom. The soup was good and was light with a slight sweet aftertaste. Lemongrass is generally domainating when used in excess, but here it was subtle. It was a nice appetizer to start the meal.
Som Tam – Thai spicy raw papaya salad. I’ve heard about it earlier, was all the more curious to order. It tasted very different. First notes were sour, and then slowly got the flavor of raw garlic, the peanuts and lemon in it were more familiar than the rest, from the masala peanuts experience. 🙂
Thai Chicken Satay- This was very average. I’ve had melt-in-the-mouth chicken Satays at many places and this was nowhere close. It was clearly reheated, re-grilled, whatever. It was hard and chewy and dry. The peanut sauce was very good, unfortunately the Satay was a let down.
For the main course, we ordered Kang Phed – Thai Red Curry with Chicken and Khao Neaw – Sticky Rice. Ordered the sticky rice and not the normal one just to keep it a bit authentic. 🙂 First mouth, I wasn’t very comfortable with the subtle smell of seafood, not sure if it was fish or prawns or whatever, something that I am not used to. Wondered if it was the rice, but wasn’t sure since we had mixed the gravy by then. Googled a bit to see that Shrimp paste is normally added to Kang Phed. It could have been that !! I’ve had Thai red curry in a lot of places, but haven’t had this issue, ever. That smell got better as I ate, but then, it wasn’t a dish that I relished. It wasn’t bad by any standards and the Chicken in it was good too, just that smell was a dampener.
There were three options for desserts, and we chose Kluay Cherm – Candied(caramelized) banana topping with coconut cream. It looked nice, pink bananas 🙂 and the first bite, I was like more surprised than ever. It smelt of toddy. Seriously, didn’t understand where they got that from. Again, took a while to get used to it. Not sure if it was meant to taste like that since I’ve never had it before.
Overall, probably the food is authentic, so there were so many flavors that I’ve never tasted in similar dishes in other places. We paid about 1.2K for this and was a pretty good meal.
Would I be back again? Probably not too keen after the roller-coaster of flavors ! 🙂

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