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Sigree Global Grill

At the very tail end of the summer holidays, wanted to take the kids out for dinner and we started with a plan to go somewhere and ended up going somewhere else ๐Ÿ™‚

As we stay in Velachery, we decided to go to Zaitoon. We had a lovely experience at Zaitoon previously. As we were driving, we spotted a lot of traffic in front of Zaitoon. That meant that we had to fall in line with the traffic jam and would take a while to reach Zaitoon. Since eating grilled chicken was the main idea, we changed the plan and decided to try Sigree Global Grill in Thuraipakkam. As I was driving, wife had a look at the reviews on a popular website and none of them mentioned any good words about their service, while in general the comments regarding food were positive. Being a weekday, I decided to take a chance.
It is located in the First Floor of the same building as Mainland China and has a valet parking which is comfortable. As we entered, we were surprised to see the restaurant packed ! We were politely told that only a couple of tables in one corner, close to the kitchen, were available. Otherwise, we had to wait for a minimum of 45 minutes. With two kids, waiting was not an option. Since it was not so bad, I decided to take it. As we settled down, noticed that the interiors and ambience in general was very good. The seats were a bit low, but manageable. The place was buzzing with activity and I was too pleased with that as I normally prefer that to an empty restaurant.
We were served a welcome drink that was a green-colored juice with jaljeera flavor and it was good. The starters started to come one by one. As always, I stuck to chicken and my family experimented a bit with seafood also. A small platter of breads and hummus was served separately. It tasted good. The quesadilla was ok. I was quite happy with the variety offered – Tava Chicken, Fish tikki, chicken wings in barbeque sauce, fried prawns, crispy corn were served separately on the plate. The Chicken, Fish, paneer tikkas were placed on the grill. Together with the mint chutney and mayonnaise, they tasted wonderful! The chicken was soft and succulent and all of us relished it. All the starters were wonderful and we asked a few of them to be repeated again. After we were done with the starters, we ended up in a very familiar situation ๐Ÿ™‚ ! Too full for main course, we proceeded straight to the desserts. This is something that we normally do in Barbeque Nation. So I can’t comment on the taste of main course here. The desserts were decent, nothing too wonderful to mention. There was phirni which was decent, and three types of small cakes, one was good, rest were just ok. Vannila and Strawberry ice creams were available. I had a scoop of vannila ice cream with topping of chocolate sauce, orange and kiwi sauces and it tasted good. Could notice a bit of patriotism in the it as the colors resembled our flag ๐Ÿ˜‰ The jalebi was hot and tasty, but not crispy. So overall, they were decent.
It was interesting to note that they had different color codes for the skewers as in green for vegetarian, orange for chicken and red for fish. Not sure if it is like this everywhere or I just did not notice it earlier, but liked the differentiation.
After we finished, the bill arrived and they mentioned that we were charged only for two adults. My son is going to be 9 and my daughter is almost 4. So they could have charged a child tariff for my son, but they did not. It was very nice of them! Throughout our dinner, I have to mention that the service was good. Not sure if being seated closer to the kitchen was an advantage, but we did not have to ask twice for anything. Though the grills were refilled by more than one person, it was supervised by Mr. Parthasarathy and we were extremely happy with the service. We were happy that we did not experience what was mentioned in other reviews.
The dinner set us back by 1.3K rupees and in my opinion, it was a well-worth the nice dining experience. Not serving alcohol would be the only reason that I would choose Barbeque Nation over this place, but considering their waiting period and the hassle to get a table, I would readily opt for this place. To emphasize what I have said earlier, Grill Box doesn’t even come close.

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