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Crimson Chakra

After checking a few options of dining out on New Year’s eve, we decided to have a house party and ordered food from Crimson Chakra.  Their delivery service at night is better known as CC@Night.  They deliver until 3AM on some days of the week, and until 5AM on other days.  Being a New Year’s eve, a lot of restaurants had only the Gala Dinner and not the ‘normal’ dinner.  A lot of them refused to deliver food on December 31st citing traffic.  But we were lucky, Crimson Chakra accepted to deliver our order.

We were four families, next-door neighbors in an apartment, having a house party for the New Year.  After looking at the menu, we had already decided what to order.  So it was only the question of calling them up and reading from a list 🙂 We asked for the food to be delivered at 20:00 hrs.

Kudos to them ! The food arrived exactly at 20:00 ! I was pretty impressed with their sense of punctuality.  The food was well-packed, no spillage, and was quite warm considering it must have taken them around 30 minutes of travel.  All the items were fresh and a nice flavor emanated as we opened the boxes.

Overall, the food was very tasty !  We liked almost everything, but for one or two choices we made.  We ordered a decent mix of south-Indian, north-Indian and continental dishes.

We ordered Karuvepillai Urulai Varuval, Paneer Tikka, Cajun Fries, Baby Corn Curry Leaf fry, Fried Prawns with a dipping sauce, Chef Special Chicken Fry , and  Chicken in Sticks for starters.  Baby corn curry leaf fry was just ok, rest were all very tasty.
To mix it with a bit of continental food, we ordered Pasta with Spinach, Corn, Sweet peppers, Tomato, Basil and Red Chilly Flakes, a Veg Lasagna  and a Chicken Lasagna.  The Chicken Lasagna was a disappointment.  It had ‘that’ smell that you get when the chicken is not defrosted properly.  The other two dishes were good.
We have heard about the smoked rice at CC, so ordered Smoked Paneer Rice, Smoked Chicken Rice  and Curd Rice.  True to its reputation, the smoked rice was very tasty. Curd rice was good too.
Ordered Tandoori Roti , Butter Naan and Murg Makhanwala, Vendakkai Urulai Masala  and Kadai Paneer to go with them.  Butter chicken was the best, followed by Kadai paneer.  Vendakkai Urulai Masala was ok, not too great.
A visit to Crimson Chakra is on the cards and that will complete this review.  The ambience, service, ‘just cooked’ hot food, and the presentation makes a world of difference to a dining experience.  However, this review is just to help you weigh your options in case you have to order food to your home.
A wonderful dinner and a memorable time with neighbors made it an enjoyable experience.  Though a little on the expensive side, CC@Night would be one of our choices for ordering food.

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