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Yaa Mohaideen, Pallavaram

Around 10PM in the night, myself and a friend decided to catch up over dinner! This isn’t anything new for both of us, so it didn’t seem that late anyway. Partly because it was pending for quite sometime, and also because Biryani pictures were trending in a food group, we decided to give Yaa Mohaideen a shot !

This is the new restaurant that they opened recently, bang on the GST road.  I’ve been to their earlier setup too and have blogged about it here.
When it comes to food, we’re hardcore optimists I should say! Assuming you’d get something at that time of the night and heading all the way to Pallavaram was a little extreme I thought 🙂  After getting through a horrible traffic jam at Kilkattalai junction on the radial road, and then on the GST road, we managed to reach around 10:40PM.
Went to the first floor to be told ONLY Kuska was available, rest were all over! Well, there’s nothing much you could do except eat what was available at that time of the night, decided to go ahead. I’m basically a Kuska/Egg Biryani guy 😀 I don’t prefer the chicken in Biryani anyways, so it didn’t matter much to me. Managed to convince them to serve a boiled egg in it, after an initial ‘No’ from them. That’s it, one Kuska each, or Egg Biryani minus one egg you may say so.
Excellent Kuska, wonderful long rice grains, not too oily, nice flavor, it was very tasty to say the least. It was served with generous amounts of Onion Raita and Brinjal gravy. Curds in the Raita was fresh and onions crunchy, Brinjal gravy was tasty too. I would have liked a chicken 65 or a dry chicken with the Kuska, but had to be contended with just this !
Undoubtedly their biryani is awesome ! (y) Paid 220 bucks in all, definitely worth it !

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