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Madurai Sri Devar Hotel, Ekkaduthangal

Parottas, Egg Omelette and Boneless Chicken Sukka ! Dinner couldn’t get any better!

Had to see off a friend in Koyambedu and on the way back, was stuck in traffic for more than 30 minutes. All the way from Koyambedu to Vadapalani and beyond was a mess! By the time I crossed Ashok Pillar, it was about 22:30 and I was very hungry! Decided to eat somewhere in the vicinity and was looking around, when I spotted Madurai Sri Devar Hotel in Ekkaduthangal. Immediately stepped in without any hesitation ! It was almost a packed house even around 22:45 Hrs.
Since this was a very familiar territory, immediately shredded (pichchi-poattufied) the two parottas and poured generous amounts of gravy and deep-dived into it. Asked the Omelette to be made a little spicy, and it came with a few more green chillies than usual and tasted good. Boneless Chicken Sukka was tasty, it had a wonderful flavor, but the meat could have been a bit more tender. Few pieces were a bit chewy, but not a major complaint though.
Paid 155 bucks in all, and it was totally worth it !

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