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Nasi and Mee, Nungambakkam, Chennai

Without a doubt, one of the very nice pan-Asian restaurants in the city!  I haven’t been writing many blog posts lately, due to lack of time.  My food expeditions primarily go into my Facebook page, less time consuming and easier to post.  This outing certainly deserved a elaborate writing, hence this post.

An outing with family during the holiday season is a norm, and it happened to be Nasi and Mee by chance.  We didn’t have a place in mind, decided to figure out as we drove towards T Nagar / Nungambakkam.  The name ‘Nasi and Mee’ popped up, and we all unanimously agreed! 

We entered around 08:15PM, and thankfully got a table immediately.  There were just one or two left, rest were all taken. We actually walked into a very busy place.  The restaurant is located on Kader Nawaz Khan Road, aka KNK Road, in Nungambakkam.  You have to figure out your car parking, there was no valet.  Managed, as there was free place in the adjacent street.  That could have managed better.

The restaurant goes by the term ‘Asian Canteen’, but it is not to be mistaken for a low-end place.  It is an upscale restaurant and the food and service certainly matched up to it.  They serve pan-Asian cuisine from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan.  A wide choice of food on the menu, you may say!  We decided to go elaborate on starters and keep the main course a low key affair.  

We started with a portion of Tom Yum soup with Chicken.  A very flavorsome soup served rightly hot!   Lemongrass, galangal, Thai chillies and lime juice along with mushrooms made a very nice impression on your palate.  It set very nice standards for the food to follow.

Som Tam, the popular raw papaya salad was very tasty too!  Light and refreshing! the peanuts and lime make it very familiar.

Malaysian Chicken Satay along with the peanut sauce has to be one of my favorites.  Loved the soft tender chicken, perfectly grilled with the smoky flavor.  The slightly sweet peanut sauce was a wonderful accompaniment to the satay.

Sichuan Chilli Dumpling was quite catchy on the menu, ordered a steamed chicken dumpling. It came in spicy chilli oil and was wonderful. 

Chicken Katsu Maki was the next to come.  This reminded me of my experience at Dahlia , and we had no confusion on how to eat this.  Soy sauce mixed with Wasabi and the sweet ginger shavings as accompaniment to the Maki, we loved it!  Crispy Chicken in Maki roll can’t go wrong, it was even better. The curry mayo and sesame seeds on the outer added to the nice flavor.

Thai Chilli Prawns was added later on as we were finishing the other starters.  This, I was told was very tasty too.  A minor observation would be that the sauteed onions were a tad too salty, though the prawns were okay.  

Ordered some drinks on the side till we get the main course served.

Cranberry Tea was wonderful!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee was good too!  The idea of serving the decoction separately was a good idea, we could just add it according to our preference.

Iced Milo drink was super yummy!  Wanted to try the Chendol, gave it a miss though!

With that, we decided to move to the main course.  Just decided to order two dishes and share!

Yaki Udon with minced chicken was good  It is a stir-fried dish with thick udon noodles mixed with soy sauce, veggies and meat.  The noodles tasted wonderful, didn’t specifically need any accompaniment, was good by itself.

White Miso Chicken Ramen was easier to eat, than I thought!  Miso soup seemed more like an acquired taste when I last tasted it in Aki Bay.  This one, however was a lot easier to eat.  The chicken, boiled egg, bok choy were all good.  Nori sheet has this unique flavor, I removed it.  🙂  

Finally, a customary dessert to end the wonderful meal.  Decided to share an Ais Kachang.  It was wonderful with a lot of accompaniments.  Basically crushed ice with sweet syrups is what we were expecting, but the accompaniments – water chestnuts, corn, peanuts, and a couple of jellys were wonderful.  A colorful presentation too! We took our sweet time to complete this.  Loved it! 

Overall, a fantastic dinner with family!  Ms. Valli waited on our table and service was courteous throughout!  We paid around 5.5K in all, a family dinner outing during the holiday season, well done!  I’d gladly recommend this place if you are in a mood for pan-Asian flavors!  I am quite sure you will not be disappointed!

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