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Alsa Mall Bread Omelette

This shop is more famous than the mall in front of which it is located 😉 This shop has been around for many years and I have never seen this place without a crowd in front of it.  In fact, there are 2-3 shops side by side and all of them are extremely busy in the evenings.
Prices are very nominal and you can get items from Rs 20 to Rs 100 approx.  It is light on the pocket, so it is frequented by college guys and girls in big groups.  In spite of all this crowd, the guy manages to make bread omelettes at lightning speed 🙂
There are various variants of bread omelette available.  The typical one is the standard one with the green mint chutney.  There are grilled sandwiches with chicken, cheese and other vegetarian variants too.
Parking can be a problem if you travel by car.  Bike is more convenient.  Now and then you would see swanky cars parked on the road side and the drivers getting parcels for their bosses.
Don’t expect the place to be too hygienic.  The bread omelette is served in a paper and it works !  The place is clean and you can be assured of good food.
Waiting for another chance to drive around Egmore and this is going to be a sure shot !

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