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Haji Ali

Now and then when I pass through G.N. Chetty road, I make it a point to try to visit Haji Ali for their faloodas.  Last time, I did not have a very pleasant experience and as I mentioned, it was too watery.  This time, I hoped it would be good and sure it was ! 🙂

Visited February 2014


Falooda at Haji Ali was a let down today. Something was not ok. I’ve had falooda here earlier and it was really good. Today it was watery and more like a milkshake than a falooda. I mean most of it I could sip with a straw. I only needed to use the spoon twice. That’s not how a falooda should be 🙁

Visited December 2013


Wonderful falooda at Haji Ali, T-Nagar. We ordered two Fruit Faloodas and One Dry Fruit Falooda. They were wonderful ! Wanted to try the pizza, and that oven wasn’t working so dropped it.

Visited September 2013

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