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Dessert Jars from The Table

When a whole lot of people are raving about something, it is normal to be tempted to try! 🙂 Checked out Red Velvet, Tiramisu and Chocolate Mud dessert jars from The Table.
<EDIT> Received a clarification that the delay was because of one of the delivery boys met with an accident and they had a pile up of orders! Please Ignore the ‘delay in delivery’ part in my post. I will certainly try again some other time ! Sincerely hoping the delivery boy recovers soon!

While I completely have to agree that desserts are their forte, service is most certainly not, at least that’s my experience!
Good things first – All three desserts were damn tasty, absolutely melt-in-the-mouth. It was yummy to the last spoon and left me craving for more. My order of preference would be Tiramisu, Red Velvet and Chocolate Mud.
Not-so-good things next – First of all, looking at the pics in food groups, I was led into believing that the jars were a bit bigger. It was a surprise when I actually saw their size. Don’t ask me if I expect 1Kg for 180 bucks. What I meant is there was a sort of an expectation mismatch. 🙂 The jars had a curve on the top and it wasn’t very easy to eat from it using the spoon provided, at least that’s how I felt so. It’s just an afterthought. Probably a straight jar might be easier to eat from, but may not be visually as appealing as this.
Coming to the service part, it definitely left a lot to be desired. I placed the order at 10:20AM through the website and it was hassle-free. Instantly got a mail confirmation, but there was no mention of when it would reach. I was waiting without a clue, assuming someone would probably call. Around 13:20, I got an SMS saying my order has been accepted and it will be delivered in 120 minutes. I am not sure if it took that long to accept the order or the SMS delivery was delayed. However within a minute, I received another SMS saying the order has been dispatched. 🙂 I was happy that it would reach soon. I was waiting patiently until 15:20, no sign of anyone. So the time they mentioned clearly wasn’t honoured. After waiting for one more hour, called up a number from their website. That person was as surprised as I was and assured me the delivery person was somewhere in Velachery and he would try to reach him and get back, he never called back though. Another hour passed and it was 17:30 and this delivery guy casually asks me my address, landmark and so on, all of which I had provided clearly at the time of placing the order. He said he would come in about 15 minutes. While I was waiting for him, he called again after 35 minutes at 18:05 and FINALLY delivered the dessert jars at 18:15 hours.
Placing an order at 10:20AM and receiving it at 06:20PM, after 8 hours, with absolutely chaotic sequence of events filled with ambiguity, is not what I would call as an ‘ideal’ home delivery experience. Finally with kids in the house, it wasn’t the best idea to order for glass jars, my daughter dropped a jar and I spent the next 10 minutes cleaning the broken pieces :/
Overall summing up, absolutely wonderful desserts with an awful home delivery service made my experience very ordinary.  I would certainly order this again, but only if some restaurant where I’m dining, has this on the menu, and definitely not for a home delivery again.

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