Mahabalipuram/ Outstation Restaurant Reviews

Le Yogi, Mahabalipuram

A pleasant relaxed lunch at Le Yogi, in Mahabalipuram. We were a group of four friends who decided to go to Mahabalipuram on a weekend and stepped into this place for a lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

It was easy to identify this place and it is on one of the most busiest and happening streets in Mahabalipuram. We stayed in one of the properties on the same street, so we were at a walking distance from this restaurant. As we entered, the yellow stairs with names of dishes written on it was different and catchy. We had to remove our shoes inside the restaurant. The place was neat and airy. There we two types of seating, the normal tables and chairs and the low tables with mattresses as seats, we opted for the former.
After a quick look at the menu, we started with Tomato Soup for two of us and Mushroom soup for the other two, Chicken 65 and Prawns Fry along with a couple of cold ones (read as beer). It was awesome! For the main course we ordered a chicken lasagna and a chicken pizza. I would say both the dishes tasted decent, not out of the world.
The place is pricey, but one of the very decent options for a relaxed dining in Mahabalipuram. We paid 2150 bucks for these including three cold ones. Just that you know, if you step out of Othavadai street, you can have good food for half the price of these restaurants. So it’s worth a try if you’re staying for a couple of days in Mahabalipuram.

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