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Kailash Kitchen

I would most certainly be in the minority in calling this place okayish!

Their momos were AWESOME! The spicy dip was the best in its class, beats many places hands down! No denying that! Lime soda was good. VFM – absolutely!
Okay, my story…reached at 12:00PM, they said it opens by 12:30, decided to wait patiently as I have once turned back after waiting unsuccessfully for 20 minutes. Damn hungry today after a very light breakfast. They finally opened at 12:40.
Shameless as you may call it, a decent couple who were in line behind me just walked into another door, that I did not know existed, and took their seat. How cool is that. Few others did it too. While people who didn’t know were waiting at the main entrance in the queue. No one to coordinate, it was more like reserving a seat in a Government Bus!
Finally managed to get a seat in that batch. All of them wrote their orders on a piece of paper and unfortunately the waiter came to me last. So I was the last one to be served! Didn’t understand while the next table got repeat orders coming, my first order of momos did not arrive! Finally at 01:00PM, it was served. Almost on the verge of blackout, started to eat.  By the time I ate 2-3 pieces, a group of people were waiting outside, barely a few feet away, with their eyes totally fixed on my plate. They must have had a better count of the momos I ate  😉 It was uncomfortable to say the least!
It was a nightmare to figure out where the waiter disappeared. Had to go to the back of the restaurant and call him to ask for the bill. Paid 225 bucks and left!
Since this has been a long pending visit, I tried today. Otherwise, I am better off in an AC ambience eating momos from the nearest outlet in Velachery – Dallay!

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