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A weird craving for momos on a rainy day, or rather a cloudy gloomy day.  Dallay was the first name in my mind, due to my earlier pleasant experience here and the proximity, of course! Kailash Kitchen was a distant dream, with the rains and flooded roads, did not even consider going that far.

The place, interiors, etc etc has all been written in my earlier post here.  Now, just the food – ‘All Chicken’ meal as always.  Steamed Chicken Momos, Fried Chicken Momos, Chicken Cheese Phallay, Chicken Chowmein, and an Iced Tea(idhulae Chicken illae 😉 ).  Soup was complimentary and it was clear soup with a subtle flavor of Chicken.  Both the steamed and fried momos were awesome!  Chicken Cheese Phallay was good, requires a lot of effort to make it I suppose.  Chicken Chowmein was tasty and Iced Tea was good too.  Food was very tasty, absolutely no complaints.
Service part was not the best this time.  They are a bit understaffed and when they’re packed, they seemed to struggle.  The Cheese Phallay took a very long time to come. In fact, a really long wait.  Since I had too many things to discuss with my friend, it didn’t matter much.  When they are running at full capacity, you may have to wait a bit for your order.  When I wanted one more plate of Steamed Chicken Momos, they said it was over :O
One person was struggling waiting all tables, found it a bit hard to get him to prepare our bill.  The lunch set us back by 740 bucks and no mention of taxes in the bill.  Would certainly go there again for their tasty food! Please be informed, Parking a 4-wheeler is a problem here. It is a very very busy narrow road. You may have to turn right, a little ahead, into the Bypass Road and park your vehicles there.  A couple of bikes can manage.


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