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A very nice place which opened recently on Velachery Main Road, diagonally opposite to Phoenix Market City. I drive through this road a couple of times everyday and I spotted this board recently and since then it has been in the back of my mind to visit this place. I haven’t been lucky so far with my visit to Kailash Kitchen and never had an opportunity to taste their momos. The moment I saw a place so close to my home, serving momos and Tibetan cuisine, I was more than eager to try.

I took my kids along for lunch. As you must have guessed by now, parking IS an issue here. This road is super busy and there is place hardly for about 4-5 bikes and that I presume is shared with the outlet on the ground floor. So you may have to park your vehicle further ahead somewhere on the bypass road and walk back. There’s a paid bike parking opposite to Phoenix and that can be an option for those coming by two-wheelers. We had to climb the stairs on the first floor and the stairs were not made of concrete, instead, it was made of iron. Looked a bit scary, but was definitely sturdy.
Now comes the surprise ! As we entered, this place was super good inside. I did not expect an ambience like this at all. It was neat and classy. Nice pictures of Tibetan people on the walls, nice tables and chairs. It is a small place, but can accomodate at least around 24 people at one shot. The AC was initially not very cold, but got better.
The menu was divided into four categories – Veg, Chicken, Egg and Beef. Each category had similar items like Steamed Momos, Fried Momos, Pan Fried Chilli Momos, Thupka (Noodle Soup) with momos, and some more combos. They had Iced Tea and Coke. They also had some chef specials on the next page. However, they didn’t have bottled water and served just normal water.
We ordered a plate each of Steamed, Fried and Pan-Fired Chilli Chicken Momos, an Egg Fried Rice and 2 Iced Tea. The drinks were served in less than five minutes and in about ten minutes, the momos were served.  There was something called Cheese Achar, which was basically an add-on dip for the momos. I ordered one of that. It had a slightly bitter after-taste.  It was good with steamed momos, but was just okayish with the fried momos.  The Red Sauce/dip that came with the momos was probably a little short on salt.  The Momos were very tasty. I liked the Steamed and Fried Momos very much. Pan Fried Chilli Momos was good, but I preferred the other ones to it. Kids loved it and wanted more. Ordered one more plate each of Steamed and Fried Chicken Momos and a Coke.  The egg fried rice was decent, just needed a little more salt.  Otherwise everything was very tasty.
Quite stuffed after a pleasant lunch, we asked for the check. The lunch set us back by 730 Rupees and it is definitely vfm in my opinion. There are many more dishes that I should try – Thupka, Chowmein, Chospuey, Shyaptha(not sure what it is). So a visit again is not very far away. Had a brief but pleasant chat with the owner Preeti Alley, who was there to enquire about our experience.
Trivia 😉 Dallay is a type of habanero chillies found in Darjeeling Kalimpong and Sikkim known for their fiery and distinct flavor! 🙂 Good to know!
I would certainly recommend this place for nice yummy Tibetan cuisine and tasty momos ! As already mentioned, remember the paid-parking for bikes just a little ahead of this place!

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