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Dhabba Express

We were four friends catching up after a long time.  We went for dinner to Dhabba Express and overall it was decent. I have been to this place at least 3-4 times earlier, but a few years ago.

You can opt to sit inside the buiding, or outside in the open.  We preferred it outside as it was pleasant and there was the traditional dhabba effect with the traditional coir cots and a table.

We ordered some rotis, garlic naans, and Chicken Punjabi Masala and Mutter Paneer to go with them.  As we started to eat, there was nothing wonderful about the food, at the same time it was not bad.  Chicken Punjabi masala was a little sour, so it wasn’t quite the way I expected.  So I would say it was ‘just ok’ .  We also ordered 2 plates of Jalebis.  This was truly wonderful – hot, and just made and we all loved it.  Also ordered lassi, I felt it was a tad too sweet, but was still good.

Overall, food is slightly above average, ambience is decent.  Nothing very great about the place except that it is centrally located and might be convenient to reach from all sides of the city.  Wouldn’t be too keen to recommend this to others, but if you don’t have other options, you can try it once.

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