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Nawaab Sheikh

Of late, there have been too many Biryani talks happening in various food groups and that was one reason for this biryani craving!
Remembered Nawaab Sheikh outlet in Velachery. It seemed like a very small place with barely 2-3 tables. So I wasn’t very keen on dining there, instead opted for home delivery.

Called up their number and placed the order for 1 Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, 1 Awadhi Chicken Biryani, and 1 Iraqi Veg Biryani, 1 Chicken 65 and 1 Paneer 65. Placing the delivery was neat, no hassles. The food came quite hot in about 30 minutes, totally acceptable.
Now coming to the food:
Chicken 65 – This was good, the first piece felt slightly salty, but then it was quite good along with the slice of onion and lemon!
Paneer 65 – I was shocked to see the quantity of this one. So little. For 130 bucks, they could have been a little more generous.
Iraqi Veg Biryani – This was the star of the day, awesome!!! Liked the garnishing on the top with raisins and cashews and the flavor of saffron in the Biryani was very good.
Awadhi Chicken Biryani – As soon as I opened it, I saw some white stuff which I hesitantly assumed to be cheese and later realized that it was grated egg. 😀 This was okayish as I couldn’t clearly get the difference in flavour compared to the previous one. It tasted much like the previous one minus the cashews and raisins, plus Chicken. Its like these perfume stores where beyond a point, you need a neutralizer like coffee beans to catch the fragrance of the next one. 🙂
Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani – This was clearly different in flavor, and it was quite good BUT 3 times I bit small stones and that is clearly not acceptable to me. I ate a bit of all three Biryanis and I got stones only in this one. I had to eat the rest of it focussing that I don’t get another stone, I did not have time to focus on the taste! :/
Each Biryani came with Raita, Brinjal gravy and a Gulab Jamun. Kids ate the Gulab Jamun and they liked it. The Raita was good, and Brinjal gravy a bit too tangy and sour than how I would have liked it.
Taste was good, nothing worth complaining except the stones in Hyderabadi Biryani and too little quantity of Paneer 65. The lunch set us back by Rs 790, and was quite an okay experience!

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