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Quite a few fellow foodies on Facebook food groups were going gaga about LunchPi, a recently-started venture for home-delivery in Food space. I decided to check this out.

(Though I didn’t explicitly ask, I am assuming) Unlike other food aggregators who just deliver food from restaurants, they have their kitchen and deliver food that they prepare. They have a daily rotating menu and offer multi-cuisine options – Indian, Continental and Indo-Chinese. ย They are based in Perungudi and deliver to a few locations as of now I think.
The menu looked simple and not very elaborate, but decent enough to cover a diverse palate. I was ordering only for two people, so my order was limited in that sense.
1 Murgh Malai Kebab,
1 Chicken Biryani + Raitha + Sweet and
1 Thali which included 2 Stuffed Kulcha + Chicken do Pyaza + Cashwenut Pulao + Dal + Raitha + Sweet.
I checked out their website and it was a simple and neat interface. Selected my order and proceeded to checkout and payment. It was absolutely hassle-free. Opted for the cash-On-Delivery option for payment and confirmed my order. Instantly received an email confirmation and in about 10 minutes, I got a call confirming my order. Requested for the food to be delivered at 13:00hrs and it was confirmed.
It was about 13:20 and the person was there at my doorstep ! The owner herself delivered it and apologized for the delay ! Well, 20 minutes is nothing worth complaining in this context. She also told me about their initiative of 1+1. For every meal we buy, they donate a meal ! Really worth appreciating !
Started to unbox the meal, literally ๐Ÿ™‚ It came in a nice cardboard box pack. Initially a bit worried to see a green and red box, thinking some Veg stuff was swapped with my order which was ‘all-chicken’, but was assured seeing my name on those two boxes. Probably thought they made an effort to group Veg separately so even in case of a wrong delivery, veg and non-veg were not mixed, but that was not so, because the green box had the MurghMalai Kebab inside ๐Ÿ™‚ anyways, to the food now.
First of all, food was really hot ! Not warm, but hot, full marks for that!
Murgh Malai Tikka was good, with the mint chutney and onions. Generous portion of onions with a slice of lime was provided and it was fresh and crunchy. If I had to pinpoint, I would have liked it slightly less salty, but then it was perfect with mint chutney and onions, so no complaints.
Stuffed kulcha was packed well in Aluminium foil and was very soft and tasty and more importantly hot. The stuffing had a slight sweet tinge to it and I liked that. Chicken do Pyaza and Dal were very good. Cashewnut pulao had a nice flavor of saffron and tasted wonderful with Chicken gravy.
Chicken Biryani was decent, but I wasn’t too impressed. Wife said the chicken in the Biryani was soft and well-cooked, but the Biryani rice could have been a little more flavorful. It lacked the punch that a Chicken Biryani would have. Again, it wasn’t bad, but could have been better. The accompaniments were Raitha and Brinjal gravy. Raitha was good, but the Brinjal gravy was more like the puli kozhambu types, didn’t like it very much.
Carrot Halwa was the sweet with both Chicken Biryani and the Thali. Loved that ! Very tasty and not too sweet, just how I like it.
All the accompaniments came in aluminium foil covers and no use of plastic. The wooden spoon was nice as compared to cheap plastic spoons that most restaurants give.
Quick suggestion would be to combine similar stuff into one cover. I got as many as 4 raitha covers. It turned out to be a surprise game for kids ๐Ÿ˜‰ to open and see what cover had what inside ๐Ÿ˜›
The lunch was 470 bucks in all and was absolutely worth it! I would certainly try their continental stuff next time and would certainly recommend this for tasty food delivered conveniently to your home or work!

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