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Hotel Amsavalli Bhavan, Anna Nagar West

It is not very often I visit Anna Nagar, hence most of the restaurants in and around that area remain on my to-do list, longer than usual. A movie with family in PVR Cinemas in VR Mall, followed by a lunch brought us to Hotel Amsavalli Bhavan, in Anna Nagar West.

The place was easy to locate using google Maps. The parking was a bit congested, there was space for a very few cars. We had to find a place on that street, no valet parking available, it wasn’t very convenient. We walked into an almost-packed restaurant. I could see a couple of tables free. There was noone to greet us or direct us to the table, and a few people were waiting. So checked with the person at the cash counter if we can take one of the tables, and he replied in the affirmative. We settled down and quickly glanced at the menu.
The waiter was there in about five minutes to take the order. He spoke Hindi with a strong Bengali accent. It was not very easy with Tamil names ‘Valiyal Kalakki’, ‘Karandi Omelette’ 🙂 Anyway, managed to place the order and he wrote the Tamil names in what looked like Bengali script, not too sure. We ordered Chicken Biryani, Egg Biryani, Boneless Chicken 65, Gun Powder Chicken aka Dumil Chicken, 2 Egg Veechu Parotta, 4 Parottas, 1 Spl Valiyal Kalakki, 1 Karandi Omelette.
Until this point, I didn’t get a slightest feeling of dining in a place that has such a huge name and following in Madurai. It was like one of those normal new places, nothing ‘Madurai’ish about it.
The starters arrived, one by one, rather slower than what we expected. Firstly, Boneless Chicken 65 came with a single hair protruding off the bowl, not the best of the start for a meal. However, I am not one of those who loses apetite over this, removed it and started to eat.
Chicken 65 was soft, and very flavorsome unlike places where its is chewy. Perhaps secret was in its marination, but we loved it. Gun Powder Chicken was also very tasty, soft and succulent pieces, nicely coated with podi, tasted yummy. Karandi Omelette was also very good, all of them a bit oily than usual, but no complaints.
Meanwhile the parottas, Egg Veechu Parottas and Biryanis made their way to the table. We didn’t order a separate gravy, the complimentary one was pretty decent, but would have liked it more spicy.
Biryani was the typical Seeragasamba one, flavorsome and tasty! Surprised that they didn’t serve raita with it, it was a challenge to eat it without thayir-vengaayam, as served in most places. They served a green chutney, which was more like a thovayal, didn’t quite make an impression with parottas and biryani.  Parottas were good, and so were the veechu parottas. While I was eating, the parotta, spotted another hair and this got a bit irritating.
We got small portion of complimentary paayasam, but on closer look, looked like the milk was curdled, didn’t want to eat it.  Finished with 3 Sweet Lime sodas, which was actually not in the menu, that was good.
I wouldn’t complain specifically about the person who served us, but getting his attention was a challenge. I would appreciate the patience of the people sitting on the next table. I heard them ask for Suvarotti at least 5-6 times before actually getting served. They still kept their cool and that was commendable.
Taste-wise, had no specific complaints. Hygiene and service-wise, it left a lot to be desired.
We ordered a Chicken 65 Biryani for takeaway, and paid 1.6K in all, including the parcel. Overall, a slightly above-average experience. Perhaps they’re yet to settle down after the initial teething issues.
Definitely not one of the places that I’d like to visit at the next possible opportunity.  After a recent visit to Chidambaram New Moorthy Cafe, the next on my list is K. B. Konar Mess in Alwarpet, another Madurai place that recently opened in Chennai.  Hopefully soon 😉

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