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Chin Chin, The Residency

Many years ago, our gang of friends used to be regulars at Black and White in The Residency and quite a few times, we’ve had dinner at Chin Chin.

It has been quite a long time since I dined here last! Today, myself and a friend decided to have dinner here with a couple of beers.
The place was exactly the same as I remember it many years ago ! Decorated well for the festive season, it was welcoming ! Asked them if they had any ‘new’ beers other than the usual Kingfisher, etc. Sure, they did have a Russian beer Baltika.
Ordered a Baltika beer each and a Chicken Satay. The Satay was wonderful and the peanut sauce along with it was yummy too. Ordered a Kingfisher beer and a Pepper Chicken next. The Pepper Chicken was wonderful with a nice flavor of pepper, at the same time, soft and succulent, and the portion was quite generous too.
Ordered a Chicken in Green Thai Curry along with white rice. The waiter alerted us that the portions are usually good for two and it indeed was ! Really appreciate it! The main course was very tasty, and the flavor of lemon grass was a little dominating, but nevertheless, it was tasty !
Quite full by now, just ordered a walnut with vanilla ice cream for dessert. The walnuts were a bit sweet, probably roasted in sugar or honey, and it tasted quite good with the ice cream, though nothing worth raving about!
Overall, the food was yummy and we loved what we ate here ! It was not just any another place, but definitely stood out among the other restaurants in the city !
The dinner set us back by about 2.7K and I would certainly recommend this place for good food and service !

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