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Papa John’s Pizza

A rainy day, cold weather (ahem!! okay, at least by Chennai standards) and kids were kinda bored at home.

They suggested that we have a pizza party! Immediately the known devils came to my mind – Domino’s and Pizza Republic in Velachery, tried them quite a few times. Then I remembered something; recently spotted Papa John’s Pizza in Velachery. That was because Papa John’s bought Pizza Corner and all the outlets of Pizza Corner were changed to Papa John’s Pizza. I’ve never tried this place earlier, but decided to give it a try. Since it was raining quite heavily, I decided not to trust the delivery guys, instead, collect it myself from the store.
This outlet is located on the Bypass Road, and since I knew where Pizza Corner used to be, did not have any trouble locating it. Placed an order for two Large pizzas – Papa’s Italian Chicken Sausage and Spring Fling. The former because kids were particular about chicken sausage in a pizza and the latter because that was the only veg pizza I spotted that had most toppings, something like Veg. Extravaganza in Domino’s. There was an offer that on Mondays, you could choose a maximum of 2 sides for a very meagre amount, for every Large Pizza you bought. So for two Large pizzas, ordered 4 sides – Potato Wedges, Garlic Bread, Bread Sticks and Chicken Wings. It took about 20 minutes to get the items ready, reached home in about 5 minutes.
As soon as we opened, the kids were prepared for the usual photo session 🙂 Then we started to eat. In spite of reaching home so fast, the pizzas were not very hot. Probably the weather and the thin-crust. Anyway, both the pizzas were tasty, potato wedges looked like they were baked and not fried. It was okay. Chicken wings wasn’t very impressive, but together with the barbeque sauce, it tasted good. Garlic bread was a bit different and looked more like a Pizza. It was cheesy and good. Bread Sticks was very different. Just plain bread!! Wasn’t very easy to eat, but together with the garlic sauce, it was good. Quite chewy that it was good exercise for my jawbone. 😉
Normally always ordered when there was some offer or the other in Domino’s, so this turned out to be more expensive than usual. The pizza party set us back by a little more than 1.6K. Always, there used to be something left when we ordered from Domino’s, but since this was a thin crust pizza, we managed to eat it all! There are still some offers like on Tuesdays, you have a Buy One Get One offer and that would definitely be value for money! So next time, I would wait to order when there is some impressive offer !!!
btw – with prices ranging around 500-600+ for a Large Pizza, I am wondering if it makes sense to go and eat in restaurants like Tuscana, Dario’s, CPK, etc where you get much better pizzas, nice dining environment and a wholesome experience. Probably pizzas are a few inches smaller, but much better !
In case you would like to order from Papa John’s, here’s a link to their Delivery Menu.

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