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A long-pending meet with a couple of fellow foodies and it finally happened ! We were catching up for a not-very-elaborate dinner at Orion restaurant in Ullagaram, Madipakkam.

Since I have lived in Madipakkam for sometime, I have visited this place earlier, but a long time back. They seem to be having some renovation going on and the Party Hall upstairs served as the makeshift restaurant. I would say it was even better than the earlier place 🙂
We almost made up our mind on what we were going to order even before we entered the place – Appam and Parotta along with a couple of gravies! Ordered 1 Kerala Chicken Curry and 1 Egg Masala, 3 Appams and 3 Parottas and 1 Karimeen Pollichathu. I am a sucker for Parottas and invariably do not complain even if they are not the best ! This was definitely not straight from the tawa, it was reheated, but still not worth complaining according to me! It was probably from a previous batch, made sometime ago and that is understandable. In many places, it works like that to keep up with the demand vs supply. You could of course get lucky sometimes when it is served straight from the tawa. Kerala Chicken Curry was tasty and went well with the Parotta, and so was the Egg Masala. Friends had Appam and did seem to like it. One of them wasn’t impressed with the Parotta and left about half of it 🙂 They also did seem to enjoy the Karimeen Pollichathu. It came loaded with masala, wrapped in a plantain leaf and the waiter did well in serving just the meat, off the fish, sans bones. I wasn’t too sure on what fish was served though they did discuss a bit on that, probably basa.
Being a Kerala restaurant, they did not have Jeeraga vellam and that was disappointing! The bill was about 850 bucks and was pretty decent overall.
This is one of the decent places in and around Madipakkam if you’re thinking of Kerala cuisine!

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