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Sree Gupta Bhavan, Velachery

Since the time Sree Gupta Bhavan opened on the 100 Feet Road in Velachery, I’ve always liked this place. A brighlty lit place is hard to miss when you drive on this road. We finished some work and decided to have lunch here as kids were feeling hungry.

As we entered, we noticed a fresh batch of hot hot jalebis being made and immediately made up our mind to taste some of it. We settled down in a comfortable place in the first floor and decided to go with basic Thali meals. Didn’t want to try anything fancy, so sort of ready with the order in a couple of minutes.
Since we wanted to taste a bit of everything, ordered one each of all the three Thalis that were available on the Menu – The Combo Thali, Ghar ki Thali and Dil Kush Thali. Ordered one extra butter naan for my daughter so she would share a bit of gravies from us.
While we were waiting for the Thalis to arrive, we ordered some Jalebis and it came piping hot. Compared to other jalebis I’ve had, it probably was a bit more orange in color, but tasted wonderful! While we were done with the jalebis, the Thalis arrived just in time.
The Combo Thali was distinctly different from the other two, with Fried rice and Gobi Manchurian Gravy in it. There were 2 rotis, a Paneer Subzi, Raita, papad, salad and a pickle. The other two thalis were a bit close to each other looks-wise. Pulav, Paneer Butter Masala, Raita, Papad, Salad, Pickle and a Bengali Sweet were common in both the Thalis. Dil Kush Thali had Dal Makhni and a Paneer Subzi in addition to these while the Ghar Ki Thali had Normal Dal Tadka and Kadai Vegetable in it. The breads in Dil Kush Thali were a Butter naan and a Paratha while the Ghar Ki Thali had Phulkas.
Overall, the food was tasty, no complaints with anything that we ordered. After eating more than 2-3 times here, I have always had a feeling that taste-wise probably Haven Sampoorna and Pind were better. Of course, they’re probably more expensive too. Here, all of them tasted good, but you tend to miss that wow factor!
We paid 678 bucks in all, out of which 230 was for Dil Kush Thali, 160 for Ghar Ki Thali and 140 for Combo Thali and it was a pretty good dining experience. Their chaat is awesome, especially the Raj Kachori!

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