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Ciclo Cafe

Lately, I have been consciously avoiding eating out, but once in a while, why not ! Decided to take family out for dinner and Ciclo Cafe was on my mind. A couple of days ago, had to quickly meet a friend and the landmark he suggested was right in front of Ciclo Cafe. While waiting for him, I was wondering why didn’t I visit this place for so long ! So promoted it to the top of my wishlist and in a couple of days, managed to tick it off.

Firstly, the ambience was pretty good, its sort of a hi-end cycle shop and a restaurant together. So there are a lot of cycles on display in the ground floor, and the first floor was more a restaurant than a shop. Hardcore bicycle lovers will probably love the food twice as much, while drooling at the bicycles. We walked in around 09:30PM and didn’t have a reservation. The maître d’hôtel escorted us to a table in the first floor, we were lucky, we didn’t have to wait for a table on a weekend! Immediately realized that the table we sat wasn’t the most comfortable one in terms of ventilation, so asked them for a place which had better AC. They were accomodative to the request, we got seated in a better place, well-lit and well-ventilated.
After a quick glance at the menu, we decided what we were gonna have! Ordered a Tuscan Minestrone soup, to be served one by two. I was on a restricted-diet mode 😉 , ordered a Barbeque Chicken Salad for myself. A BBQ Chicken Breast Burger, Regular Mustard and Ketchup Hot Dog, BBQ Chicken with cous-cous and Sauteed seasonal vegetables for the others. Watermelon & Feta salad caught my eye, wanted to get a taste of that!
A couple of breads were served in a cute little Tricycle miniature along with the soup, and looked lovely. The tricycle was better than the bread though 😉 The soup was a bit salty to my liking, otherwise tasted okay. Watermelon & Feta Salad was a visual delight, very colorful and tempting. It tasted as good, loved it. Barbeque Chicken Salad looked wonderful too, and as I started to eat, relished it. Chicken was wonderfully barbequed, it was soft and succulent with perfect flavors. The greens were fresh and crisp, bocconccini was soft and good, the veggies tasted good with the lemon garlic dressing. The BBQ Chicken Breast Burger was good, and so was the Hot Dog. The BBQ Chicken with cous-cous and Sauteed Seasonal vegetables was tasty, and thats when I realized that there was similar chicken in all the dishes we ordered. 🙂 The good thing was they did a great job with the Barbeque and the chicken was just yummy ! We loved it. Sausage was probably imported, tasted very good with that smoky wonderful flavor! Food was pretty satisfying, except for the slightly salty soup.
We decided to order just a couple of desserts and share it as we were quite full by then. Ordered an Eggless Chocolate Crumble Tarte and a Tiramisu. Its not that we wanted something eggless, but just that it was appealing of all the desserts on display. It was well-plated and tasted good. Tiramisu was a mixed bag! I have had Tiramisu in a lot of places, both in India and abroad. This one was good to start off, but the last one-third of the glass was more than just moist/wet. I don’t think thats how it is supposed to be, but at the same time, it definitely wasn’t stale. I enjoyed my black coffee and had no complaints with that.
The service could have been a bit better, in terms of proactively removing the finished plates. The table wasn’t too comfy for four, unless the plates were cleared on time. So had to ask a couple of times for the plates to be removed. Otherwise it was a nice dinner and it set us back by 2.6K which included a SC of 5%.
Its a nice place for a relaxed dining and I would certainly recommend it! I am curious to check this place out again for their pizzas, sometime soon.

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