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Street Food Scene, Besant Nagar Beach

Myself and a friend decided to meet up in Besant Nagar beach this evening! The plan was to chat for sometime, eat food, and leave! It did sound a bit weird, I should admit. We’re used to catching up over a few drinks or a couple of beers followed by dinner, but since we had some work later on, we couldn’t start with a drink. So we had to be contended with just food.

We met around 19:30ish and spent sometime walking back and forth from one end of the beach to the other. By then, we were sort of hungry πŸ™‚ One of those times when you’re too lazy even for a food walk, what do you do ?!?! Just cross the road and eat at the first stall you see πŸ™‚
Right next to Pupil, bang on the Besant Nagar Beach 4th Main Road junction, we saw a lot of people eating from the food stalls. Cozee and Pupil were quite empty, probably because it was a weekday. Most of the crowd seemed happy with the food from these stalls. Immediately decided do a food ‘hop’, literally. πŸ™‚ Each stall was barely a few feet from another, so we didn’t have to walk much, a hop would do πŸ™‚ Just for one stall, we had to go to the other side of the road.
The first prominent board I saw was The Kati Roll Shop. We checked out the menu, and it did seem expensive. 140 bucks for a Chicken Tikka Roll and 110 bucks for a Paneer Tikka Roll. This was for S (single). There was an option for D (double), 250 bucks for Chicken and 200 bucks for Paneer Roll. It was indeed expensive. There was no egg, just the wrap, 3 pieces of Chicken/Paneer Tikka, generous amounts of onions, green chillies, sauces and masala. Well, I couldn’t help but think about the awesome Egg Chicken Roll from Petuk Express priced around 80 bucks I think. This was nowhere close to it. I wouldn’t call this bad, but was just decent and certainly overpriced.
Next was the Spring Potato stall. This was quite busy and we had to wait a bit before we got our Spring Potato. You could choose flavors and we decided to go with his recommendation. He sprinkled some salt, chilli powder, masala and Thousand Island dressing. It tasted very good and 50 bucks for that seemed perfectly okay, no complaints at all.
Chit Chat stall had momos, and my friend wanted vegetarian momos. I didn’t quite see the point why someone would eat a veg momo πŸ˜‰ chicken made more sense πŸ˜› Anyways, he ordered one large plate of veg momos. It had 7 pcs for 100 bucks. Normal one was 4 pieces for 60 bucks. 15 rupees for a single momo seemed a bit too much. After tasting it, it was even more disappointing. The dip wasn’t anything worth mentioning either. Would be even unfair to take Kailash Kitchen’s name here. So this was something we could have avoided.
We crossed the road and headed to Goli Vada Pav. Ordered 2 classic Vada Pav. It was ready in about 10 minutes. Wrapped in a paper, more like a burger than a vada pav, when I opened it, the pav was soft, but not warmed. Vada was hot though. Overall, okayish, no chilli, just that garlic powder. Having tasted Gaurav Vada Pav, this was not even close. 25 bucks for each, just average.
Back again to the other side of the road to taste hot Filter Coffee at My Kaapi n Cup. Hot and wonderful filter kaapi. 25 bucks for this and it was good. We asked for the coffee to be served in a davara-tumbler and not the paper cups. So that added to a bit of a traditional feel πŸ™‚
Finally decided to end with a dessert, a lolly waffle at Westfield. You could choose the sauce for topping and I chose caramel. I’m not new to making waffle, reminded me of my days in Oslo, Norway. It was interesting to see the customized waffle maker designed to hold the stick in such a way that you get a lolly waffle. Both appearance and taste was good. Felt it could have been a little more sweet, but then, when you’re on diet, you don’t complain πŸ˜‰ 80 bucks for this was completely worth it.
With this we ended our short food ‘hop’ in Besant Nagar. Overall, quite a few things to taste, a bit overpriced understandably because of the area, demand and so on. A few things could be be avoided, otherwise a nice experience overall. I’m gonna bring my kids very soon for the Spring Potato and Lolly Waffles while I’m gonna sip on my traditional davara coffee, soon πŸ˜€

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