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Dakshina Puram

Dakshina Puram, a place that I’m striking off from my list! This meal is easily one of the crappiest meals I’ve had in recent times.

Normally I do not complain if the food is average, or if it did not meet my expectations, but clearly, this was way below acceptable levels. For this kind of pricing, they can dish out something much better.
Decided to order lunch from a restaurant and at the same time, did not want very fancy stuff. Wanted to keep it simple, so decided to order two ‘normal’ meals. I tried to reach Sangeetha in Velachery, the known devil that comes to our rescue as we stay very close to it. Unfortunately noone picked the phone for more than 15 minutes. Had to check out other restaurants and spotted this one on Zomato. I’ve heard a few good things about the place, decided to go with them.
They had the carrier meals, which the guy said was typical ‘parcel’ South Indian meals. I ordered two so we could share between two adults and two kids. Asked them for some starter and he recommended ‘Assorted Podi’. I asked him what that was and he checked with someone and explained that it was basically Eggplant, Potato and Raw Banana smeared with podi and Tawa roasted. Ordered one of that. The delivery did not take very long, came in about 30 minutes and that’s where the nice things ended.
First let me tell you the positive and good things in the meal – The sweet Mysorepak and pickle were good. That’s it !!!!
Now elaborating on the not so good things in the meal –
Papad – Came in the plastic cover along with the bananas, completely smelt of bananas. I ate it wondering how keeping it close to a banana can give it so much smell, until I saw the banana itself 😀
Peanut chutney/thovayal – Absolutely no salt, tasted ok after adding salt.
Potato curry – overdose of garlic, slightly salty, one of the average items that can pass off
Vadakari – very very salty.
Sambhar – ok, nothing worth raving about
Rasam – very salty
Mor Kozhambu – was ok, a bit sour.
Keerai – average
Curd – sour
Buttermilk – did not taste.
I am giving them the benefit of doubt for items being sour. I ate about an hour later as I had to step into a call. But the rest of them were way below average. By salty, I don’t mean just a little extra salt, it was saaaaaaaaaalty!!
Coming to the starter that I ordered separately – ‘Pathetic’ is an understatement. Almost all of it was thrown into the dustbin. First bite, the raw banana lived up to its name – ‘Raw’. Tried potato, it was raw too. Eggplant, okay among the three. Basically, there was something wrong with the masala, tasted really BAD !
…and the icing on the cake – The Banana! I took it out of the cover and wow, it was between over-ripe and rotten. I couldn’t believe they sent this to a customer! It’s a shame!
So this takes the cake for easily being one of the worst meals I had in recent times!
190 bucks for a carrier meal, 150 bucks for the starter.  Together, 567 rupees, a clear waste of money 🙁

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