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First dinner with family in a restaurant this year! Not bad considering my diet plan ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hell of a traffic jam on Chennai roads. I was planing to explore some place in Nungambakkam and proceeded on RK Salai, 25 mins from Savera to Stella Maris!! Damn hungry, made a U-turn and headed straight to Spoonbill.
I’ve been there a lot of times. Probably this is the first time with family.
Kids were excited seeing Momos, ordered one Chicken and Veg Momos each. Crispy Fried Hakka Chicken Noodles for my son, Chicken Currywurst for myself, Sauteed Corn and Spinach Crepe for my wife and a Non-Veg Kiddie meal for my daughter. A couple of drinks – Nimbu pani and Iced Tea.
Chicken momos were good, the outer covering of the veg momos was a bit leathery, not as soft as the chicken ones. The green chutney was strange, a bit bitter. Reminded me of the neem leaves paste that my grandpa used to compel me to have once a month ๐Ÿ™‚ The red chutney was good.
Crispy Fried Hakka Chicken Noodles was tasty !
Chicken CurryWurst with Mumbai Chat curry powder was good, but a bit too tangy. Had to leave some of it, but finished the sausages and the bread!
Sauteed Corn and Spinach Crepe was tasty.
Kiddie meal was good too !
I agree 1. We were very hungry and 2. I am a good eater by normal standards, but this has been my earlier experience too. One portion is not enough for me here, so I always feel the portions can be a little more. Probably with a few dishes, it is like one is less, two is more.
Had to repeat one Chicken Momos, ordered a Crispy Fried Hakka Veg Noodles, and too tempted to order a Vada Pav and a black coffee !
Momos disappeared in no time ๐Ÿ™‚ Vada Pav was good, Black coffee was good too.
One dish was a little too much, had to ask for the Crispy Fried Veg Hakka noodles to be packed, while we finished the rest of them!
Initial bill was around 1.2K and the second bill around 500 bucks. Tasty food, no complaints !
Free Wifi, didn’t use it much though! Will definitely visit again !

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