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G. Suryanarayana Snacks Center

G. Suryanarayana Snacks Center is a must-visit if you love street food from Andhra. This place serves some of the yummiest Punugulu, Mirapakaaya Bajji, Potato Bajji, Samosa and the likes. I have heard from a few people about this place, but never really had a chance to visit. Today, myself and a friend had some work in Pondy Bazaar and immediately this place was on the cards.

It was quite easy to reach here, it is the second left after Big Bazaar when you are travelling towards Panagal Park. You will spot the place on the right corner in the very first junction. There were already few people snacking when we reached.
Started off with a plate of Punugulu. This was quite nostalgic as I immediately remembered those days as a kid, when we used to have this at the food cart in Benz Circle in Vijayawada. Tasted good and the chutney was very tasty. You also get a generous sprinkle of masala and some onions and coriander as garnishing. Asked for two pieces of Mirapakaaya Bajji and this was probably the best of all. Loved the stuffing of onions and coriander and the same chutney and with a slight sprinkle of masala, it was yummy. Two pieces of Potato Bajji followed. When I started talking to the guy in the shop in Telugu, he then mentioned that normally it is 3 pieces in a plate, but since I asked for two, he obliged 🙂 Now I understood the slight look of hesitation/confusion on his face. Next, wanted to taste a plate of Fried Chilli Bajji. This was also good. The Rava Laddu was a bit tempting in the jar, asked one each, for me and my friend. This was very ordinary. I have had way better ones. Finished with a glass of chilled Badam Milk. It was refreshing after all the spice and masala.
Overall, a taste of Andhra right in the middle of the city. This place is certainly one of the nice joints for an evening snack, especially when you’re thinking of Andhra ! 🙂

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