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Jonah’s Bistro

A strong craving for burger today, and after a quick scan of FB food groups, short-listed 3 places – Jonah’s, Cheesy Juicy Burgers, and Brick House Bistro. I’m not saying they’re in the same league, but just 3 different options for BIG burgers ! Jonah’s Monster Burger caught my attention and I decided to give it a shot, just that I had to ask them to have the two beef patties replaced with chicken !

Ordered one black coffe and a ‘customized’ Jonah’s Monster Burger, and asked the coffee to be served while I was waiting for the burger. Black Coffee was just how I liked it, loved it.
Coming to the burger, I would say I was disappointed, I’ll say why! Visually, it was appealing, a big one indeed. I like to eat my burger with a fork and a knife, i.e deconstruct it and eat. Never been fond of biting the whole thing. McD Burger is the only burger I eat with hands 🙂 Not very fond of cheesy juicy dripping types either. This looked perfect ! Realized that it was a couple of grilled chicken breasts, quite big ones, instead of the ‘usual’ beef patties. First issue was the chicken breast, don’t know the technicalities of what could have gone wrong, wrong cut or too much time in the heat, it was hard, chewy and had absolutely no flavor/juice in it. btw I have had grilled chicken at Jonah’s on my earlier visit and have relished it, this one was not even close. Next was the bun, it was very deceiving to say the least. I can understand a bun being tough to chew if it was hard, dry and brittle. This one was soft, fluffy and I was sooo waiting to eat it. Firstly I couldn’t cut it with the knife, it took a while. I was wondering if the knife was blunt, it wasn’t. When I started to chew, I realized that it needed a lot of effort before I could swallow it. Without exaggeration, it was a strain to my jaws. :O The Panko crumbed chicken was the best of all that was in the burger, had it with garlic mayo and it was awesome! Turkey Bacon had a nice flavor, personally not too fond of it, but since it was a distant cousin of chicken, it was ok to eat. The Fried egg was good.
Overall, the burger was big and pretty filling, but certainly way below my expectation! I passed on the feedback then and there to the person in charge and he attentively listened to everything I said and apologised. He was kind enough to offer me a pastry as a compliment. I was quite stuffed by then, politely refused! Meant absolutely no offense, just too full to eat a dessert.
475 bucks for the burger and 100 for the coffee, incl taxes and SC, the final bill was 683 bucks. The whole experience could have been better !

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