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Mumbai Cafe

This drive, I should say, was truly a crazy one. It took me a while to convince my wife that we were driving past a couple of toll booths for about 30 minutes or more to eat vada pav !!! 🙂 A sudden decision while we were at Pallikaranai and we decided to proceed via Thoraipakkam to Padur. Somehow confused between Sathyabama and Hindustan universities, all this while I have been thinking that Sathyabama was in Padur. We reached the place and there was no sign of Padur anywhere 🙂 Just checked with someone and they asked me to drive further. Crossed Navalur and reached Siruseri and I was really confused if I missed it on the way. Called up Mumbai Cafe’s number from Zomato and they assured me that I should drive a little further. At last managed to locate the place ! Just a few shops away from the Nilgiris on the right side of the road, after crossing a Toll Booth, there was this cute little place called Mumbai Cafe!  The place was small, nicely done with pictures of food and various landmarks in Mumbai.  There were bollywood posters and that gave a feeling of being far away from South.
We had a look at the menu and started with what we came for – Vada Pav ! It was very tasty. The vadas were made just then and were super hot. The two tangy chutneys in the pav tasted good. Overall, super tasty! Ordered a cheese pav bhaji and this was also very good, this was not too hot, so was easy for my kids. My son loved it. We ordered Butter Aloo Paratha and Cheese Garlic Paratha and meanwhile gorged on a few more vada pavs and cheese pav bhajis 🙂 We also tasted the pani poori which was served in a plate with the paani in a cup. The puris were crispy and the paani was very tasty. The Parathas were freshly made right in front of us and were piping hot ! They were yummy and came with generous amounts of butter ! You can buy soft drinks and water bottle from here. The food was super good and we loved it! However, I missed the Chaai ! Would have loved it if they served chaai after a vada pav.
Most importantly it is worth mentioning that the place was clean, the kitchen is open, so you can see what is being made.  Hand gloves are used while preparing and serving and that’s good.  However exhaust system needs a step up.  It got a little smoky when parathas were made, but since we were seated outside, it was manageable.
The other thing that needs a step up is a place to sit comfortably. As of now, they have two rows of plastic stools on either side of the entrance, about 12 of them I think. It is ok to manage, but far from comfortable. I mean for a quick eat with adults it is fine. With kids, especially when you are eating aloo paratha, it is difficult. I had a brief chat with the owner Mr. Nilesh Naidu and he also said he was looking at putting up some small tables to improve the seating arrangement. From a brief conversation with him, he looked very passionate about his venture. I was surprised to hear that Mr. Nilesh and his wife quit their corporate careers and started this for the love of it ! Pretty sure that things would be much better in the days to come.  During the time we were there, there was a steady stream of students dropping in for vada pav and samosa, there were at least two families who seemed to be regulars there, and there was also a parcel order for vada pav.  So already having made an impression, I only hope it gets even better.
Overall, the bill was Rs 390 for 4 vada pavs, 2 cheese pav bhajis, 2 butter aloo parathas and 1 cheese garlic paratha with a bottle of water and a 500 ml Fanta !  Absolutely VFM !
After having good food, we were all set to drive back to Chennai 🙂 ! I loved this drive and the food, but I am not too sure if I would be visiting frequently considering how far away it is from my place. So I am seriously hoping that Mr. Nilesh opens up a branch somewhere in the city where it is easier to visit often !

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