Chennai Restaurant Reviews


After reading the reviews in facebook food groups, couldn’t resist entering Faaso’s when I happened to cross this place on OMR.

There was a small place for dine-in on the first floor. Ordered Cheesy Chicken Meat Balls for starters, 1 Masala Chicken Tikka Wrap and a Jeera Masala drink.
The starter was good taste-wise, but it felt more like bread in cheese. I couldn’t get the feel of chewing chicken at all! It was not round, wonder why it is called a meat ‘ball’ then !
I loved the wrap and it was very tasty. It wasn’t very big, I could easily eat two. The drink 🙂 Jeera with a fizz. It was okayish…Normally I love Masala Pepsi, but this was a bit different and I didn’t like it too much. Probably would check out something else next time.
Overall, decent place. I would visit again if I happen to cross this place!

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