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For the past one week, been busy with a Badminton Tournament happening in The Vijaya Forum Mall in Vadapalani and hence so many food posts coming from in and around Vadapalani. Today was no different, myself and my friend wanted to finish our dinner before heading home. Tried Hotel Pandia’s and Hotel Sriraag a few days back. Based on some recommendations from the food groups on Facebook, decided to try Hotel Campus today.

This restaurant is located bang opposite to the AVM Studio on Arcot Road. It was easy to spot and it was quite late around 10:30 PM when we stepped in. There was a non-AC dining hall and quite a few people at that time. There was an AC Dining hall in the First floor, we opted for that. The place was clean and neat. A couple of tables were occupied at that time.
Generally in restaurants like these, which are owned by Keralites, our order is pretty much fixed. Ordered an Madras Egg Kothu Parotta, 2 Kerala Parottas, Egg Masala and Malabar Chilli Chicken ! This is standard stuff we eat everywhere and in a way, going by the famous saying, a known devil is better than an unknown angel! 😛
It took about 10 – 15 minutes and everything was served together piping hot. Too hungry and eager to eat, quickly finished clicking pictures and dived into the food. The Kothu Parotta was good, and we started to serve the Malabar Chilli Chicken ouselves. To my surprise, I saw a LOT of oil in the bowl. I have seen dishes being oily, but haven’t seen anything like this. I wanted to let the waiter know about it, but couldn’t see him anywhere around. I asked another guy who was setting the table to call the waiter. His response wasn’t very pleasant. He was like “He’s not here” ! Most of the guys who helped with setting tables and serving dishes were from the North-East and in fact, I spoke to him in English and Hindi so he would understand. In spite of that, he was a little too indifferent. Had to give him a piece of my mind and then he brought the waiter along. When I showed him the oil, he did agree that it looked a bit too oily. I told him if the chef can make something better, please do so, otherwise he can cancel the order. His first response – “Cannot cancel the order”. I wasn’t very happy. Asked him to throw it away and I would gladly pay for it. Then he offered to get it ‘REPAIRED’ ! He obviously transferred the contents into a fresh bowl and brought it back, I didn’t feel like eating it anyway. The parotta was good, but was wondering how can someone get the Egg Masala wrong! There was a sour aftertaste after every mouthful and it was just average. I love this combo and did not think that this would backfire in a place like this. Had to leave half of the parotta and half of egg masala. The gravy that came along with the parotta wasn’t very impressive either. So overall pretty average experience, Kothu parotta was the saviour and we were lucky that we did not have to go back hungry ! The attitude of the staff was pathetic which made the experience even worse. I wouldn’t step in here again with so many other nice options around ! The dinner cost us 420 bucks and prices would have been reasonable had the food tasted good.

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